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7 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Pajamas

Pajamas are loose fitting apparel and worn mainly for sleeping during​ night-time but also during lounging. It is unisexual garment and these are your perfect friends for a long relaxing weekend too. It comes for both adults and kids and ranges in material, size, design, colour and length. People should choose pajamas, according to personal choices and sleeping habits. Checking e-stores toBuypajamas online is in trend as it saves your time to check into malls and select something out of 10. Following are some guides on how to search for and buy pajamas both online and offline.


While buying a pair of sleepwear like pajamas, customers should check the size properly. Sizing of pajamas varies depending on the brands. Hence, designers and stores offer a size chart to correlate with body measurements. In case of doubt, get a larger size rather than smaller because as a loose fitting wear,it is ok to wear an oversized one. Also the oversized one can be altered easily.


It is mostly used as sleepwear so consumer must get a one based on ease and comfort.

  • Silk pajamas during winter season keeps the body warmer. Synthetic silk comes in lower price than the natural one and also it is machine washable unlike the original silk.
  • Cotton is everyone’s favourite for it’s comfortable and lightweight avatar. It doesn’t cause skin irritation and breathable permitting air circulation around the body.
  • Flannel pajamas are famous for the warmth so avoid in tropical climates like India.
  • Another material is ‘moisture wicking material’ which is greatly breathable and keeps the wearer comfortable. If you have a problem of night sweat, go for this.

For offline,go and try on yourself

If you want to have a trial and check the cuts, lengths, colour and fabric on your own, go to any departmental store, try if you have some specific style in your head and gather all the information. You may buy them online too, as almost all websites mention the product description on it.

Comfort is the point

Don’t ignore the basic, that is comforting quality of your pajamas in the process of bargaining or getting low price offers. A good sleep is more important as it sets the mood for the next day. Make sure the elastic band is not too rigid to step on the waist over-tightly.

Sleeping habits

A customer’s own sleeping atmosphere is a vital part to consider. Many people like to sleep in cool room while others don’t. Determine the length of the pajama buy thinking of your convenience.

Proper care

Some pajamas are machine-washable, others may need special care like hand-washing and some line-drying. Consider the details method of wash and care before buying.

Keep the motive important

The purpose of the pajamas is to provide comfort and don’t ignore it for fashion statements. Many brands sell pajamas as a separate top and bottom wear so that buyers can match according to their own style and customise it. Highly fashionable and flashy ones are not very cool idea if your main idea of getting pajamas is a good night sleep.

So when you are thinking of buying pajamas, do consider these points to make an easy choice.