Here are some Tips on Traffic Management to Ease Down on the Road Safety


With the empowerment of road safety in the news on the regular basis and countless initiatives undertaken, it comes as no surprise to know that there has been an establishment of many traffic management solutions used by the road engineers in many countries to increase the road safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Accidents are a common cause when vehicles pass closely to the pedestrians or cyclists. We have listed some of the traffic management tips to ease down on the road safety. Read on.

  1. Some physical measures are installed to reduce the speed such as roundabouts, chicanes, speed humps, lane dividers, and rumble bars. Also many roadside speed monitors from Traffic Logix are installed to notify and alert you of your speed as you pass them.
  2. We have also listed some of the devices to reduce the speed of the vehicles between 10 and 40 km/h to reduce the chances of accidents. Now many of these tools are made of durable rubber which protects the vehicles from damage and gets your work accomplished.
    1. Speed Humps: they are mini speed reducers. They are usually used in the low speed areas such as carparks. They are round in shape and span the width of the road.
    2. Speed Cushions: speed cushions are referred to as two or three speed humps placed in a straight line with some gaps across the road.
    3. Speed Tables: speed tables are a wide speed hump with a flat top used in residential areas and pedestrian crossing areas.
    4. Rumble Bars: rumble bars are also referred to as pavement bars. Their duty is to notify and alert the drivers to cross shoulders, approach intersections, centerline and lane departure areas.
    5. Wheel Stops: wheel stops are usually used in car parking to prevent the car from rolling.
  3. Some of the most usual and highly risky places are secured by the most stringent traffic management solutions. These areas include near schools, built-up residential areas, drive-thru restaurants, aged care homes, and popular crash spots.
  4. Many national and state wide campaigns are initiated to empower the driver safety by encouraging the need to reduce speeds, local councils are also involved in employing simple and cost effective measures to lessen the accidents. Traffic Logix has also contributed its very best to make the world a better and safer place by applying their speed hump technology to rumble bars and much more.

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