The 6 most advanced technologies to help dog owners


With the technique developing for dog care , they have a better quality life. In this article, we will take you to know the new technology that was invented to help. We can keep dog and we can save more time. I have to say that there are many new technology that is interesting to me anyway, but what is it? We go to see it.

Dog irrigation

Dog irrigation is a technology that has been popular in many countries. The dog watering machine is a machine that allows owners who have less time to feed the dog easier. Do not waste time adding water. Dogs are designed to have a chic shape to the owner to buy a home as you like, such as the simulated water from the toilet. The spa provides a variety of light colors for the dog to relax while drinking. Or pedal water can be used to feed the dog’s own feet. Which is ideal in the yard for the dog to eat during play. Or do activities together with my family.

In addition, some dog models. It was developed to have a sensor system. Just walk the dog near the water. The sensor and LED will work with the water immediately. The water released will be sterilized by UV light, which will keep the dog owner clean. And reduce the risk of pathogens, which causes the dog to get sick.

In some dogs, the dog is also designed to be firmly spaced to prevent dog treading. Or a vortex system, which will encourage the dog to eat more often. Because the water is constantly flowing.

WOPET Automatic Dog Feeder


WOPET feeder application, It is a high tech technology that is compatible with today’s era, everyone is using a smart phone really by this application. Developers have invented the dog owners do not worry about forgetting to feed the dog. No matter if the owner is at an office, workout or shopping, there can easily control the feeding of the dog, of course, with a fingertip, the system will automatically order the feeder to feed the dog. soon Make a dog at home do not miss me important meal.

WOPET V36 works like a pet sitter giving you the ability to feed your pet from anywhere, anytime you want. You can set a timer or feed your pet whenever you think of it. The automatic feeder is the best automatic feeder for cats and dogs.


Robots It is a technology that is gaining popularity among animal lovers around the world. Even in Thailand, it has become popular as well. Every home that cat dogs in the home often encounter problems spreading wool throughout the house. The removal of feathers is quite difficult because the dog has static electricity that is attached to the surface of furniture in the house and the dog is often hidden in the corners. This is a difficult part to clean.

The inventor has invented. Robust vacuum cleaner. The dust sensor system. The system calculates routing, cleaning, and can move around without collisions. Some of the robots in the vacuum cleaner are developed to be able to lift up to overcome obstacles such as door wiring to suck. dust Fur well with me.

Ball machine

Ball machine The invention is invented to help create fun for dogs. It is suitable for owners who have little time and fear that the dog will be lonely. Stress This ball machine will use the standard production materials. High precision sensor and sensor system Remote control forces the owner to control the shot. And most importantly, the ball machine is a dog for dogs because it is made to be a toy for dogs.

For easy use, just place the ball in the lawn. The ball shooter will start shooting the ball away and keep the ball running. The ball machine is another one that will help owners who do not have time to play with the dog anyway.

Dog Lift

Dog lift is a technology that is getting attention from dogs lovers in a lot of countries. This dog lift. The inventors have been inspired by the development of chair lifts for older people with walking problems. Problems with osteoarthritis. By dog ​​elevator Owners are often put to the home to facilitate the sick dog. Dogs who have recently undergone surgery do not want the dog to be affected. This will avoid any chance that the dog will be injured. Or in dogs that are overweight, the owner can not be picked up by it

For the elevator dogs have been designed with a wide variety of forms, including a chair, box states that the shape and the suitability of the dog. The price starts at $ 1,500 or about 48,000 Thai Baht.

Switches for dog rescue

The developers will invent new technology and inventions to meet the owners who have less time to make the dog more comfortable. Developers from a variety of organizations have invented new technologies to help people with physical disabilities in various areas as well. Students from Ghent University Belgium The invention is intended to provide help dogs with physical disabilities that need to be moved to a room within the house. The switch is designed to have a keypad and long enough to allow the dog to use a nose, prop, or paw. Tap to switch the light on to a physically disabled person easily.

For Dogs Power Switches It is unique in that it is designed to be height-adjustable to the height of the dog. And safe to use. For dogs to use their nose or paws to open and close the switch. This switch for dogs. In addition to facilitating the physical impairment. It can help the dog to work easier with me.

Washing machine for dog rescue

Washing machine for dog rescue A special machine designed by British inventors. To help dogs use to help the disabled and autistic patients. The help dogs are equipped with special equipment that is different from the general washing machine, including the button for dogs. The barking system allows the dog to wash his or her own body.

The help dogs are designed to be easy to use. With a large button fit dog paws for dogs to unlock on the front of the machine. There is a rope attached to the lid of the tank to allow the dog to open the tank lid. And there is a voice command program that is set to accept a dog’s barking voice. When the dog bark, the washing machine will start working immediately.

There is a dog washing machine to help the defect. This autistic patient. It reduces the process of washing. Help to the owner as well as me anyway.

The new invention and technology has been invented and developed to help the owner of the dog. This is the answer to the owner who has not had time to feed the dog more easily and effectively …

See this and many friends would like to get the idea. New technologies come home to each other two, right?

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