What is SEO? How to make use of it?


SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a nightmare for many businesses and marketers.

They all hope to get into the first page of Google rankings using their pages. They all thinkSEO 香港 is a malicious barrier between them and higher Google rankings.

But what if we looked at SEO differently? As a tool to help users find the information, they are looking for rather than an obstacle to the success of our website?

You come to the library and tell the librarian what you are looking for information about the garden. The librarian may ask you questions about the context of your request. You are going to mention that you are studying the construction of a balcony garden, so when reviewing the catalog, the librarian gives you the appropriate books and magazines.

This is the structure of SEO 香港.

There are no simpler programs because in the 90s it was all about website traffic. It is now artificial intelligence based on complex algorithms and learning capabilities. Now it’s all about content quality, conversions, and sales.

I don’t know what SEO 香港 likes, but I know of a good way to help you rank high in Google rankings.

SEO basics

Before we dive into the more complex issues, let’s start with a basic SEO definition.

Website optimization refers to the strategies, methods, and strategies used to increase the number of visitors to the website. That said, if you are optimizing your website for SEO 香港, your goal will be to be number one on your Google, Yahoo, or Bing homepage. Because it will result in accessing more websites. This flow is called organic flow.

Another definition that you are familiar with is a keyword. We understand it as a keyword when a user enters a search engine. The most popular keywords are very competitive, with hundreds of thousands of searches every month, making it difficult to find a website for any of them.

That is why you should first optimize your website for long-tail keywords (long keyword phrases). In most cases, there is less search volume and less competition, which can lead to higher income for your visitors.

Another category of keywords is associated keywords. These keywords are synonyms, variations, and semantically related words or phrases that can further improve your website seo 香港.

In other words, you like to optimize your website for a few keywords, but you should also consider the keywords that are less relevant to you to increase the likelihood that your website, including your content, be found by potential customers.

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