Why Is Sales Coaching Important?


Sales teams are usually under stress if they have a bad month or even a bad year because sometimes it can be difficult to make good results. It doesn’t always have to be on the agent when the results are worse because the market is constantly changing. But, because this is happening, you could always work on your skills and improve yourself.

There are certain things you could always be better at like gathering new knowledge and finding new ways of getting a client. For a salesperson, conversational intelligence is probably the most essential quality because you are making someone buy a product or service through conversation. Most of the things can be learned online on your own but it is much different when you have an experienced coach that can show you how it is done.

Manage Results

Micromanaging is a good thing but only in certain situations, in other, it can be a problem because you will need to monitor too many activities instead of looking at their results. You can set up a list of things like how much revenue they generated, are they meeting their quotas and how much sales are they generating. This will give them some freedom where they can show how skilled they are.

Share Experience

If you want your employees to gain experience in the best possible way you shouldn’t make them just go through the training and follow the processes your managers made. Even when most companies have scripts that their customer service follows, each person has their own personality which should be displayed if they work as a salesperson. Collaboration with your workers is very crucial for success because they can notice some of the issues on their own and provide you with feedback about the current state.

One thing that you could always use as an example is high performers because they are proof that something works efficiently. They are probably doing something extra or have added details in the strategy you made and made it more perfect. This depends on the market you are in and how free are your employees at making these changes.

Employee Feedback

It’s very important to know what your employees are thinking about their senior salesperson or the management. There is a problem in many companies where people just don’t get along which influences the whole process of getting new customers. Everyone should have a voice and a role that will affect your decision-making because it’s a collective. Find more about it here:

When you know they are willing to work with each other, the next step is to see how they react to the coaching staff and if they like the training they are getting. Even when the program is considered the best, you might find some people struggling with the difficulty. This is where good communication takes place and you adapt to each person so they can learn faster and think positively about the changes.

The results will differ depending on the trainer so it’s very important to choose someone with authority and respect in the firm. You can get this information from the trainees. Ask them about their experience with the training process and how it affected their work. If the changes are minor, it means that they are already doing their job great but if they are major you should give them some time or more training.

Motivate Your Team

A good coaching team will find a way to motivate their team through commission plans that wouldn’t have a limit but will benefit both sides. In most agencies where they work under a certain commission plan, you can find people that are pushing their boundaries to make a difference and earn more than usual. This is probably the best way to make someone do their maximum effort while awarding them with a proper salary.

You can also add an overachievement rate where they will get compensated when they make more sales than they should. It’s also a great idea to have a monthly prize that the best would win but you should never leave others behind so find a way to make everyone happy. Those who are by your side and are doing their best but have other responsibilities should get second-tier prizes.

Having the Right Skills

There are certain skills every coach will try to teach you but they do it with different methods. The first and most important should be public speaking because you should have the ability to make someone your customer. This could even be done with a shy person because it’s something that you need to go through to learn it so even shy people can have a great public presentation. Read more here.

Time management and listening skills are the second part and are very connected because you should know how much time you will spend on someone. It becomes much easier to notice when someone isn’t interested and is just wasting your time. Listening skills are important because you can use what you are hearing to pursue your goal of getting a client. You can find a way to connect the details they are talking about and the problem that you can solve for them.

Becoming an expert at saving isn’t done overnight because there are numerous skills and experiences you need to get. Even the way you behave at work and outdoors can have an influence on your work. For example, your social presence can tell a lot about you and your customers. If you portray yourself as someone who parties a lot, they won’t take you as seriously.

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