Managed VPS Hosting or Self-managed VPS Hosting


Websites have taken root in the business management arena and have become precious assets around which many successful enterprises are now being erected.

As businesses are booming and taking precedence on improving their entrepreneurial operations online, a need for high-performing yet cost-effective technologies is generating steadily.

Be it advanced websites or software applications, they require much better and innovative resources to create and sustain them. As the business gains popularity online, it is natural that the website will start getting huge web traffic. Not only that, with the increase in online operations, a company should upgrade its website by inducting more software applications to improve the user experience, online security, etc.

The problem arises when these websites outgrow their regular web hosting, which affects their overall performance. What they need is a hosting service that can not only sustain their present website but is also scalable considering its future growth potential. A few years back, they would not have any option other than to avail of dedicated hosting. It is a highly expensive hosting service that many companies could not afford. Thus, they had to make do with their original and inferior shared hosting that eventually cost the business website loss of online traffic.

As a solution to this issue, VPS hosting service was introduced.

VPS Hosting 

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a technology that allows many server partitions of a single server to act as independent servers. It is achieved by isolating each server division while distributing the server’s abundant resources equally among them.

The hosting providers lease out these independent partitions of a server to clients under best VPS hosting in India. These services are laden with features that have made them popular hosting platforms. Especially for websites with a heavy load of web traffic and growing online operations, it is a given to upgrade to VPS hosting from shared hosting.

Features of VPS hosting service


Unlike shared hosting, where a single server’s resources are for taking by the numerous websites it hosts, that is not the case with VPS hosting. The idea behind VPS hosting is to create many individual and independent servers inside a single server. The server partitions are virtually isolated from each other to act as autonomous servers with their own resources for hosting.


Another feature of VPS is it gives hosting services akin to what you get with dedicated servers. Shared hosting services can never provide resources like VPS hosting as many websites compete for the server resources. In VPS, a server’s processing power, memory storage, etc. are fairly divided with each VPS and cannot be accessed by other VPS on the same machine due to it being isolated.

The tremendous performance of VPS hosting comes from these well-allocated server resources that are substantial compared to what any website could get from shared hosting. 


VPS hosting is more suited for high-performance and heavy-duty websites. The architecture and technical proficiency behind VPS allow it to answer the continuously increasing resource demand by stretching its resource allocation. 

You can switch to a better VPS service by upgrading the existing plan by your provider.


Acting as an independent server, VPS comes with root access for users. Your hosting provider grants you administrative authority over your VPS hosting. It gives users to make configurations and settings at the core system level for their VPS. 


VPS service is a perfect alternative to dedicated hosting for users who have surpassed the limits of their shared hosting. The main reason is the cost. Although a regular VPS hosting may cost a bit more than its shared counterpart, it still gives a lot better performance. 

On the other hand, even its performance is not even close to matching dedicated hosting, it costs cheaper and provides a lot of value for similar features.

MilesWeb’s Self-managed VPS Hosting

MilesWeb has an impeccable VPS hosting service that has sustained countless successful businesses over the years. They have self-managed VPS hosting plans for Linux and cheap Windows vps server. Aside from the already mentioned features of an ideal VPS hosting, These help them stand out from their rivals:

Solid-State Drives

The SSD drives are among the fastest and most secure forms of data storage technologies. The VPS hosting by MilesWeb is done on a server embedded with SSD drives. SSDs churn out 200% more performance than regular disk drives.

Resource Monitoring 

With the VPS hosting, MilesWeb grants users access to their exclusive server management tools. These user-friendly applications allow users to configure the hosting and view statistical reports on the resource usage and other aspects of VPS.

Cost-free Setup 

MilesWeb does not charge its users any additional charges for setting up their Linux servers. The users just have to pay for the subscription fees, which are already cheap, without any other setup charges. Windows users are charged for the license copy of the OS.

Zero-delay Provisioning

You can start the VPS hosting with MilesWeb as soon as your payment is done. They don’t make you wait and take the sweet time like most providers before taking your hosting live.

24/7 Customer Support

The award-winning customer support of MilesWeb is and their selling point. The well-trained customer executives actively respond to your queries and are available on chat with you 24/7, holidays included.

Here are the detailed plans for VPS hosting by MilesWeb:

Managed VPS Hosting

MilesWeb has introduced their managed VPS hosting as a concierge service for a particular set of users. This hosting service costs a bit more than the self-managed VPS, and for a good reason.

Fully Managed Service

MilesWeb takes the complete management and maintenance of the VPS hosting. The intricate resource monitoring, system configurations, security settings, etc. is looked after by MilesWeb’s VPS team. 

Automatic Updates

With managed VPS hosting, MilesWeb’s VPS team readily upgrades your OS and downloads updates for web applications to keep your hosting up-to-date. The server software is also kept updated by the team.

Expert Guidance

The VPS team of MilesWeb consists of certified experts that have years of experience under their belt. They monitor the server and give you recommendations to improve the website performance. They also send you notifications to upgrade your service plans.

Dedicated Customer Support

Customer support remains the main feature of MilesWeb. With their managed VPS hosting, you get dedicated customer support specialized to deal with our VPS queries. 

Here are the detailed plans for managed VPS hosting by MilesWeb:

Which is Better for you?

Self-managed and managed VPS hosting plans by MilesWeb are designed to serve clients that have regular high traffics and bulk online transactions. However, I suggest that the distinction can be made considering the features and cost of service packages.

The self-managed hosting plans by MilesWeb are more suitable for companies that have an in-house team of individuals that have experience in managing hosting. Since the VPS hosts websites with high functionality, it is a must that this team should have the necessary knowledge and training to handle the management and maintenance of the VPS.

Managed hosting plans are for clients who cannot afford to keep or hire a team to manage their hosting. To such businesses, it is more cost-efficient to opt for a value service that takes care of server management and maintenance in the backend. This way, they don’t have to worry about the hosting and can focus time and effort on business growth.

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