Excitement about The Galaxy Note 10


People are crazy about phones. For some people the camera of the phone is essential, for some space is essential, some look for an efficient processor and likewise other things. Talking about Galaxy Note 10, which is now officially shown, people are just waiting to get their hands on the device. This model is perfect and is available in three different models. There is Note 10, which has a 6.3-inch display and is a standard model, Note10 + and also Note10 + 5G.

On the right note of excitement, there is also a piece of unfortunate news which says that headphone jack is ditched by Samsung this time. The best part is that the screen is wholly occupying the phone from the front it and also there is a Thumbprint scanner which is returned in the display.

More powerful batteries

This device supports more powerful batteries because it has a more significant range compared to S10+ 5G. Now let us see the battery range which is 3500mAH for base Note 10 and for the other two models it is 4300mAH. The charger of the device is 25W. Discharge is for fast charging, and also there is another charger which is available for rapid charging that is 45W. Another good thing to hear about charging is wireless power share. You can utilize this resource and learn more about Samsung Galaxy Note 10 models.

More about Camera

For camera lovers, it is good news that all the Note 10 models have mostly the same camera setup.

The second dual 10MP and 8MP cameras are on the front of the phone in model S10+. The phone has a triple rear setup which is exciting. It has 12MP telephoto, also 12MP wide-angle. The buyers are happy to hear about the 16MP ultra-wide. There is also a single 10MP front-facing camera.

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