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Why Content Quality is an important ranking factor?

To be honest, there is nothing more important than content for SEO. Content is like the king in the deciding factors for SEO. Actually, content is the main part of the website. Have a look on the website of the 20th century. These cheap looking websites have amazing content and that’s the reason of their high ranking in Google search results. Just look at Wikipedia’s design and UI/UX. Its design is really bad but the content found on Wikipedia is not found on any other website on the internet. 

This helps us to reach the conclusion that it is really the content that engages that user. Actually, the purpose of SEO is to provide users with genuine information. A thing that is better for the users is better for the search engines. Search engines rank a site higher if it provides value to the users. On the other hand, a good looking website may have lesser traffic. The reason is poor content. This gives the content an upper hand on other factors. 

Right keyword selection is still the top ranking factor:

Keywords belong to the content. As stated before, content is important for websites; this also highlights the importance of keywords for websites. Actually, keywords are such words that the content writer thinks the user will type into the search box. Anything typed in the search box is referred to as search query. 

Thus, the keyword is intended to match the user search query. If the content writer becomes successful at a high percentage of matching then this shows up in the search results. Long-tail keywords are still given more importance. These sound to be more natural. These keywords are based on the routine questions that humans ask. SEO involves many more factors that you should take care of in order to achieve a better position in search results. You can hire คุณภาพ content ช่วยการติดอันดับ seo ได้ at a low price to get SEO done for your website.