Things to Consider When Choosing a VoIP Phone System for Your Small Business


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Gradually, the VoIP technology is gaining ground. It is expected that in a few years time, traditional phone systems would have been completely phased out. But then, it may not all be a win-win situation with VoIP systems if you have not first sat down to analyze your business needs in order to determine accurately what VoIP service would be best for you. Outlined here are 5 tips that would guide in making the best choice of VoIP service for your business.


1. The Price per Line

Today there are several price per line quotes from different companies; while some are genuine some are just bait and switch tactics to get you to subscribe only to find out that the quoted price applies only after fulfilling certain conditions; so it is essential that you take your time to make detailed enquiries on the maximum number of users a provider can service under its phone system policy. After comparing the policy and rates of different companies on price per line, number users allowed on a phone system and other areas with cost implications, you can now make a choice based on your current business need.

2. Phone System Features

You would often find several service providers offering a long list of calling features for different corporate VoIP service packages; it must be said that service providers are out to make as much profit as they can so they would be very juicy and enticing in their presentations but remember that you are also out to cut-off unnecessary cost and go for calling services that would offer you the most value; as such, it is important that you have a list of the most essential calling service your business needs; this would help you easily match one out of the different packages on offer to your business unique needs. If several service providers seem to make the cut based on your screening criteria- unique business needs, you can further whittle down the list of prospective service providers based on their level of experience and expertise at providing those VoIP phone services that meet your business’ needs.

3. Customer Support

Occasional system flop are bound to happen once in a while so it is necessary you evaluate the level of readiness of service providers to deal with the pressure of that moment when they do occur; one of the signs that a service provider would be on top of the situation and be there to help is the quality and responsiveness of their customer support; you would see tell tale signs of a service provider that would be sluggish about providing quick solutions to system challenges from the point of making enquiry about their services; a service provider with a friendly , interactive and available customer support centre would most likely offer a better service.

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