Do Video Surveillance Systems Actually Prevent Crime?


The crimes and thefts in almost every city or town in the world has been increasing lately. With the rise in population, crime and theft would most definitely see a rise. Therefore, the need for good surveillance systems is also on the rise.

While people try to increase security in their households, many wonder whether surveillance systems actually prevent crime or not. Many are even concerned about vulnerabilities like Hikvision backdoor susceptibilities, but they are not aware that firmware updates can resolve such problems. Surveillance systems are definitely your best bet when it comes to enhancing security.

Here are some pointers that prove that video surveillance systems are actually preventing the increasing crime wave to take an uncontrollable turn.

  • Perpetrators Know They Are Being Watched:

Why do thieves come at night? It’s because nobody’s watching. When a house has video surveillance, even the thieves know that each and every move they make is being watched. Now it is impossible to cover up each and every part of your body and personality traits. Even if the theft was successful, the detectives won’t take long to find the thieves as the video surveillance would have all the information they need to identify the perpetrators. The perpetrators know this and prefer not to rob places that have surveillance cameras.

  • Escalating Situation Can Be Controlled Easily:

You must have seen in movies that whenever there is a chance of an escalating situation, the protagonist prefers to meet at a public place. This is because with lot of eyes watching, the goon wouldn’t dare to do anything stupid enough to get himself in trouble. The same thing applies for video surveillance camera eyes. If the place is monitored, meetings couldn’t possibly get escalated to such an extent because both the parties would know that they are being watched.

  • Intruder Alert Facility:

Many surveillance cameras are fitted with motion detection technology as well. In case you are not present at home and you switched that function on, as soon as someone tries to enter your house, you would get some kind of alert and you can send the right authorities to check the alert out.

  • Easier Solving of Crimes:

In case the scene of the crime had some sort of video surveillance, the detectives can easily check the tapes to figure out how the crime was undertaken and get substantial proof and clues to catch the perpetrator.

As mentioned in the above points, surveillance always helps in preventing and solving crimes and with more and more places equipped with high end surveillance, soon the crime rate would also degrade alarmingly.

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