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Top 6 Apps That Synchronize Android HTC With MAC

MAC devices are developed by Apple and HTC devices runs on Android, less likely to be in sync. If you are one of those looking ways to sync your Android phone with MAC, there are surely great solutions available this time. There are some brilliant 3rd party file transfer and synchronization available which makes it easy for the users.

Below are the ultimate app that synchronize Android HTC with MAC.


SyncMate, an app to sync HTC phones with Mac. The app can helps the user to keep their music, folders, calendars, contacts, files, playlist up to day between your MAC and phone. Moreover, it allows you to mount HTC as MAC disk and organizes text messages from the desktop. The app efficiently syncs with other Android devices as well.

Droid NAS

This file transfer applets you share the folders on device over the network. It helps you work with music, photos, camera, folders downloads and SD cards. However; have fewer limitations of unable to organize your contacts & calendars.

Dukto R6

This is a simple and straight file transfer utility app however does not offer thorough syncing. The app runs on Symbian and Windows OS additionally to Android and OS.

Tunes GO

This app is a file transfer type you can easily move files around, and lets you import, install, backup, uninstall, and take backup.

App offering Cloud services

Cloud storages have made our lives easier, offering easy access from anywhere as long as you are able to connect with Internet. The app offering cloud service works out great. Below are the app that Synchronize Android HTC with Mac.


The app offers cloud storage facility, which enables to store folders and files. However; it doesn’t gives you a privilege to sync your personal data.


The app offers cloud storage facility, which enables quick transfer of usual data, file and synchronization. It is easy to upload data and access from said folder from your devices. However the app doesn’t offer syncing calendars and contacts.