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Why having a work/life balance is important?


Work is one of the most important virtues of an individual’s life and is essential for helping a person in realizing the true value of their work and self-capabilities. Imagine the situation of a woman working six hours in the office every day and attending official calls at family dinners or personal outings followed by dealing with demands for additional hours of work.

Such an employee would be most likely to experience burnout thereby losing her productivity and even lose her connection to personal life. This example clearly shows the detrimental impacts of the lack of a work-life balance. So, in the following discussion, let us evaluate the prominent reasons for considering the significance of a work-life balance and how it can be accomplished.

Establishing the significance of work-life balance

Before moving ahead with discussions regarding the ways to accomplish a work-life balance, it would be imperative to focus on the main point of this discussion. Work-life balance can be defined as a state of life in which the professional and personal aspects are kept away from each other without neglecting any one of them.

For example, troubles in personal life should not get in the way of completing professional duties, and professional tasks should not come in the way of addressing responsibilities towards friends and family. The different reasons that can be used for describing the necessity of work-life balance could provide a sense of urgency about keeping the professional and personal lives apart from each other.

The threat of health issues

The outcomes of working continuously and consistently for longer periods could not only put an employee at the risk of becoming dull and passive but also cause prominent health issues. The continuous hours of work could lead to an increase in stress that is subsequently responsible for frequent complaints of illnesses due to the weak immune system. Therefore, it is essential to find a balance in the time and effort required for a specific profession.

Never mess with productivity

Continuing on the necessity of work-life balance mentioned above, it can also be stated that work-life balance improves productivity and hence it should be taken into account with the utmost attention. The prospects from a healthy work-life balance could help accomplish tasks on the professional front without too much effort.

For example, an employee returning after a break of a few days could find it very easy to get their way around tasks which may have seemed difficult earlier. It is not always about finding a solid difference between work and home– Finding the balance is crucial!

Leaning on benefits to learn

The other benefits that can be obtained from a plausible work-life balance point out towards opportunities to become a rounded individual with diverse interests. Getting some time off from work would help a person to learn new skills and practice new hobbies that can improve the capabilities of an individual. Subsequently, these experiences could contribute to the development of the overall personality of an individual.

It can be quite hard to achieve and maintain work-life balance because it’s not as easy as it looks on paper! While flexible working hours and trust of management shown on employees are reliable instruments for management to achieve work-life balance, employees should also follow certain precedents to maintain the desired balance between their personal and professional lives. Creating specific boundaries and the abilities to say ‘No’ to certain tasks can be a starting point for such cases and can develop gradually with a positive attitude towards work as well as life!

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