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Different Ways In Which You Can Improve The Performance Of IBM I Applications

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Giving the best services and unique experience to users is the ultimate goal of all IT companies. Besides, it is the only way to flourish and grow. Therefore, user satisfaction is the ultimate key to expand a business. But what most companies do not understand is how to customize their IBM I apps in order to improve the user experience. So, if you’re interested in learning about the best services that can help you in customizing the current applications with innovative ideas in order to engage more users and increase traffic, read through the guide given below.

4 Unique Services That Improve IBM I Applications

IBM i is actually an operating system. And the apps that you download on this system are precisely called IBM I apps. However, none can deny that there is a serious competition that goes on between IT companies to grow their market. Thus, you must take help of the following 4 services in order to improve your existing IBM I apps. Scroll down to read more!

  1. GUI And Web Interfaces – GUI or graphical user interface is the most modern web interface that offers a delightful user experience with the help of graphical icons. It also augments the look of the website further with the help of visual indicators. Therefore, the overall experience is much different and smooth than the one provided by a text interface. As a result, it attracts more users since the website looks more professional and well maintained    
  2. Automated Tools – Automated tools help a business grow by increasing staff productivity and eliminating the risk of data-stealing by notorious employees. Besides, since automated tools manage all the applications, the process of understanding how the business works become easier for new staff members onboard
  3. Database Modernization And Management – Database is the digital warehouse of a company where all the information about the business is fed and stored permanently. So, when you use modern automated tools to improve the efficiency of the database to make it compatible with more languages, it increases the reach of your niche. This is because the modernized database has the capability of synchronizing even older interfaces with newer technology that, in turn, reduces the upgradation cost
  4. Improved Strategizing Capability – Coders hold the key to giving users a better navigation experience. However, with the advancement in current technology, the IT industry is facing a serious threat of having coders that lack in skills with older yet important programming languages like COBOL and RPG. However, automated tools by Fresche Solutions help in integrating old languages with the newer ones to compensate for the lack