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1Z0-809 Certification is one of the most sought after certifications in the IT industry, and this is exactly why you shouldn’t be wasting time trying to find the right 1Z0-809 dumps.

Oracle is putting in a lot of efforts in creating new Certification Exams in order to prove that the students are capable of being some of the best developers in the world. Oracle features a high concern it’s question banks and for exactly this reason Oracle often updates the certification questions in order to avoid their golden questions being stolen and plagiarized.

As time passes, the 1Z0-809 Certification Exam gets more and more difficult to clear. The questions are often tricky and sometimes, at first glance, they might not seem to even make sense!!!

To Take The Exam The Student Will Need To Be:

  • An IDE programming software
  • An Expert of Object Oriented principles
  • A great solution developer to problems
  • A compiler
  • A Tuning Machine 🙂

Yes unfortunately, it is true, as much as we wish it wasn’t… In this modern era, a student will need to have the aforementioned set of skills and most importantly he doesn’t need to suffer the stress and pressure when an impossible question comes to him, he has been suffering it all along!

How the 1Z0-809 Exam Is Structured

Before I start and give you a few tips and suggestions on how to study and prepare for the exam let’s see how the exam is structured.

The exam structure, will look something like this:

Duration: 150 minutes
Number of Questions: 85
Passing Score: 65{0ed8015fb4120874bcd05416ca6ca4c0b4893b5e3c39464f8f46776ddfd4501d}

View passing score policy

Validated Against: This exam is validated against Java SE 8.
Format: Multiple Choice
Exam Price: € 212 More on exam pricing

In the following is a list of topics you will be required to be proficient in.  As you will very quickly notice that it is an almost impossible feat to perfect each topic!

This is the topic list:

Generics and Collections

  1. Create and use a generic class
  2. Create and use ArrayList, TreeSet, TreeMap, and ArrayDeque objects
  3. Use java.util.Comparator and java.lang.Comparable interfaces
  4. Collections Streams and Filters
  5. Iterate using forEach methods of Streams and List
  6. Describe Stream interface and Stream pipeline
  7. Filter a collection by using lambda expressions
  8. Use method references with Streams

Advanced Java Class Design

  1. Develop code that uses abstract classes and methods and develop code that uses the final keyword
  2. Create inner classes including static inner class, local class, nested class, and anonymous inner class
  3. Develop code that declares, implements and/or extends interfaces and use the @Override annotation.
  4. Create and use Lambda expressions
  5. Use enumerated types including methods, and constructors in an enum type

Java Class Design

  1. Develop code that uses static keyword on initialize blocks, variables, methods, and classes
  2. Implement encapsulation and inheritance and polymorphism
  3. Methods Override hashCode, equals, and toString methods from Object class
  4. Create and singleton and immutable classes

Lambda Built-in Functional Interfaces

  1. Use the built-in interfaces included in the java.util.function package such as Predicate, Consumer, Function, and Supplier and develop code that uses primitive versions of functional interfaces
  2. Develop code that uses binary versions of functional interfaces and develop code that uses the UnaryOperator interface

Java Stream API

  1. Develop code to extract data from an object using peek() and map() methods including primitive versions of the map() method
  2. Search for data by using search methods of the Stream classes including findFirst, findAny, anyMatch, allMatch, noneMatch
  3. Develop code that uses the Optional class
  4. Develop code that uses Stream data methods and calculation methods
  5. Sort a collection using Stream API
  6. Save results to a collection using the collect method and group/partition data using the Collectors class
  7. Use flatMap() methods in the Stream API

Exceptions and Assertions

  1. Use try-catch and throw statements and use catch, multi-catch, and finally clauses
  2. Use Autoclose resources with a try-with-resources statement
  3. Create custom exceptions and Auto-closeable resources and test invariants by using assertions

Use Java SE 8 Date/Time API

  1. Create and manage date-based and time-based events including a combination of date and time into a single object using LocalDate, LocalTime, LocalDateTime, Instant, Period, and Duration
  2. Work with dates and times across timezones and manage changes resulting from daylight savings including Format date and times values
  3. Define and create and manage date-based and time-based events using Instant, Period, Duration, and TemporalUnit


  1. Read and set the locale by using the Locale object and create and read a Properties file
  2. Build a resource bundle for each locale and load a resource bundle in an application

Java I/O Fundamentals

  1. Read and write data from the console
  2. Use BufferedReader, BufferedWriter, File, FileReader, FileWriter, FileInputStream, FileOutputStream, ObjectOutputStream, ObjectInputStream, and PrintWriter in the package.

Java File I/O (NIO.2)

  1. Use Path interface to operate on file and directory paths and use Files class to check, read, delete, copy, move, manage metadata of a file or directory
  2. Use Stream API with NIO.2
  3. Java Concurrency
  4. Create worker threads using Runnable, Callable and use an ExecutorService to concurrently execute tasks
  5. Identify potential threading problems among deadlock, starvation, livelock, and race conditions
  6. Use synchronized keyword and java.util.concurrent.atomic package to control the order of thread execution
  7. Use java.util.concurrent collections and classes including CyclicBarrier and CopyOnWriteArrayList
  8. Use parallel Fork/Join Framework
  9. Use parallel Streams including reduction, decomposition, merging processes, pipelines and performance.

Building Database Applications w ith JDBC

  1. Describe the interfaces that make up the core of the JDBC API including the Driver, Connection, Statement, and ResultSet interfaces and their relationship to provider implementations
  2. Identify the components required to connect to a database using the DriverManager class including the JDBC URL
  3. Submit queries and read results from the database including creating statements, returning result sets, iterating through the results, and properly closing result sets, statements, and connections

It is for these reasons that the vendors keep putting in more and more effort to meet new challenges as the develop, and creating better, more creative and more innovative solutions to the problems of the professional students who want to approach the 1Z0-809 certification exam.

Don’t waste time, study and exercise with the right 1Z0-809 dumps

There are many vendors on the market who target developers and architects to help them attain this certification if they want a boost their future career.

These vendors sometimes offer useless solutions, other times they offer reasonably good solutions to students, so before to give up the little time you have to them you will need to carefully study the preparation material that will be provided to you..

The biggest risk here, is to not research the study material well enough, and end up studying from all the wrong resources, and we all know that ends up being disastrous! In the end, you might just end up wasting a ton of money, hours upon hours of precious time, and the entire test..

For the above reason it is important to use the right set of 1Z0-809 dumps so that you don’t waste time while you prepared on unnecessary information, and you still learn everything you need to know.

Before you decide to buy a product, always remember the golden rule:

  • Try the FREE product
  • Verify that it works fine
  • Verify what other people say about it
  • Make sure they have a 100{0ed8015fb4120874bcd05416ca6ca4c0b4893b5e3c39464f8f46776ddfd4501d} Money Back guarantee
  • Check their Customer Care service

This way you will be more confident about the quality of what you are going to purchase.

Try 1Z0-809 dumps at

Today we are going to review a new set of 1Z0-809 dumps available on the market which are delivered by

At they offer a new Experience to study for your certification. The experience it is a social experience because is building a community for each dumps exam they do, so people can share their experience and they can review the product at any time.

The questions are very accurate and you can try the free questions available here: 1Z0-809 dumps .

The 1Z0-809 dumps are available with a dedicated 1Z0-809 Simulator which allows students to try and study with to downlaod any annoying PDF or installing any annoying VCE.

The questions are always updated so you don’t need to download new files, it is a transparent process for the student.

The student will just need to Enjoy the amazing Simulator.

What we have found really interesting it is also the Social Experience they provide as student can collaborate like if you are at the college!

The 1Z0-809 dumps simulator will offer all those feature:

  • Complete Mock Exams For Your Certification
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  • Summary Window
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And the subscription is bundled with:

  • 4 Complete Mock Exams
  • 340 questions
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Here how it looks their sale page:

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