A Simple Program That Makes Archiving Files Faster, Easier and Less Expensive


Sometimes users of computers find a special product and they just want to shout to the entire world – “I found something that is going to save me so much time.” That is how many feel when they find Archive Manager produced by MLtek.

Users of computers

Users of computers have used them for the last 30 years – starting usually with a game computer then every year finding new software products and new computers that unleash new way to use them. And companies and businesses were introduced to MS Office then one secretary or assistant could do the work of 4. But becoming smarter creates other problems – businesses needed to develop IT departments to update, and fix problems that developed and that secretaries couldn’t fix. This became a whole new set of problems for businesses – especially small businesses.Image result for Archiving Files

Make it simpler

For these IT professionals, they have to have advanced degrees in different areas of computer science, as well as know how to teach new users how to use new programs. They also started to see a trend where a simple computer problem was developed into a software solution but that piece of software was:

  • Too time consuming to use
  • Took too much time from IT professionals
  • Not easy to use
  • And way overpriced

File management

One program that solved an IT problem was file management programthat was developed by MLtek. They are IT professionals who knew there was an easier way to do some ‘housekeeper’ functions so they developed some programs with that goal in mind. The best one from them is Archive Manager which transfers old files onto almost any storage facility or device and does it better, faster and cheaper.

Archive Manager

As a result their Archiver.FS now is one of the best products currently on the market. And best of all it doesn’t tie up the entire IT department to come to each user’s computer to install the program and then to teach the user how to use it. Archive Manager is easy to use, takes less time and is inexpensive. Too bad other software developing companies don’t do this with other IT functions.

Visit MLtek

If you would like to learn more about Archive Manager just click on the link above and you can go to a page where you can read and learn more about this program and even download a copy to take for a test run.

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