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Technology has changed human physiology. It makes us think differently, feel different, even dream differently. It affects our memory, attention and concentration, and the quality of our sleep.

This is due to a scientific phenomenon, known as neuroplasticity that is no different from the brain’s ability to change its behavior, based on the new experiences a person experiences.

In this case, “new experiences” are the wealth of information provided by the Internet and interactive technologies.

Some experts are excited about the effects of technology on the brain, praising its ability to organize our lives and free our minds from deeper thoughts.

Others are afraid that technology has paralyzed our attention and concentration ability and has made us non-creative and impatient in anything analogous.

See below some of the ways in which technology has managed to “re-create” the human brain.

  1. Dreaming in Colour

Television has so strongly influenced our psychosis, which may even affect our dreams.

According to a study from a University in Scotland, adults over 55 years of age who had grown up in a home made with black and white television were more likely to dream … in a black and white background. The younger participants, who grew up in color television, reported – in the majority of cases – that they were also seeing colorful dreams. These findings were also supported by the American Psychological Association in 2011.

  1. We experience what (called “FOMO“)

The reports on this phenomenon are so unofficial so far. However, according to a definition given by the New York Times, the phenomenon “FOMO” (from the words “fear of missing out”) is a “mixture of anxiety, stress, and feeling of inadequacy and irritation that can be caused when nobody has access to social media.”

  1. We experience the syndrome of “imaginary vibration”

Many are the times when we believe that our phone hits, even if this is not the case. According to a study published in a famous newspaper, researchers claimed that 89% of the 290 participants experienced “fantastic vibrations” at least twice a month, even when their mobile phone remained quiet. The same was observed in those working in hospitals.

  1. We cannot sleep

Not only are those who fall asleep with their laptop, or their iPad hug, watching movies, reading books or playing games on smartphones, or just using several tech machines that can be found at This habit, however, may have a negative effect on the quality of  our sleep. Neuroscientists suspect that the light emitted by these devices affects the body and the production of sleep hormones. Exposure to these light wavelengths can fool the brain and make it believe it is still a day, which can change the circadian rhythms of our body.  This means it may affect how our body responds over the course of a typical day.

  1. Memory and ability to concentrate are affected

In a world where any information is available, it is enough to have access to the internet … “who needs to know what the Mozambique capital is, when Google can directly answer it?”

According to a survey of 3,000 people, younger participants were less likely to remember basic personal information, such as their mobile phone number, or the birthday of a very close friend or family member. Similarly, studies have shown that computers and computers can reduce simple mathematical skills. Still, some people are not able to navigate even in their own cities without the help of GPS.

  1. We get better visual skills

A study found that electronic games, such as Halo and Call of Duty, enhanced decision-making and visual skills. Also, strategy games, such as Starcraft, can improve brain cognitive versatility, or the ability to swap processes, reinforcing so-called “multitasking.” Social media sites are promoting their “share” culture, making users feel more inclined to create something and share it with their friends.

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