Finding email from LinkedIn: it’s really easy, but sometimes it takes time


It’s hard to overestimate LinkedIn as a network that offers quality data about specific business users. The most important information, however, can be closed. And they can only be extracted from the database by special algorithms. For example, a quick finding email from LinkedIn offers a service called Reply. It not only can intelligently and quickly search the database, which is not in the public domain, but also to use additional network capabilities to make contacts.

However, a manual search can also yield positive results. If there is no need to do it en masse, and a startup needs the address of a few potential customers, you can start with the simplest algorithm for finding email addresses. And you should start with the simplest and most obvious one – trying to query LinkedIn.

LinkedIn contact request

The easiest way to get a potential client’s email on LinkedIn is to send a contact request. Once the client accepts the request and becomes your first level contact, the client’s profile can be viewed.

It contains an email address related to his or her professional activities. There are three places to look for the email address:

  • click the Contact Info button in the LinkedIn user’s profile;
  • find the email address in the profile bio;
  • the address is sometimes listed in a banner, additional illustrations, photos, data.

As a rule, LinkedIn does not post a personal email, but fills in the section in the profile with the business email. In any case, you can see data in the profile that will help you find the company’s email. 

The first contact can also be made with a personal message. It should be very discreet and businesslike, pointing out the benefits of communication and opportunities that can be beneficial once the business partnership begins.

Requesting an email address on LinkedIn

You can request an email address in a personal message on LinkedIn. To increase your chances of getting a response, make sure that the profile of the person requesting the data has a lot of useful and correct information. And that the profile itself matches the interests and business direction of the potential contact. People usually respond to such profiles and requests.

If the profile has a photo from a carnival, text about the most attractive vacation spots, and the words about business start with a comment about how to find another job, then it’s not worth sending a request. LinkedIn is a professional network of business contacts. And such messages will cause suspicion, because such data in the profile is more appropriate for entertainment social networks, but not for business communication.

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