5 Questions to Ask before Buying a Laser Engraver


The process of laser engraving is where the beam of the laser physically removes the material’s surface to expose a cavity that is going to reveal some image at eye level. Buying a laser engraver is a pretty technical task and for a layman, asking the right questions can be daunting. Here is a comprehensive list of questions that you must ask before buying a laser engraver:

  • How Should the Right Machine Be Chosen?

The first and foremost question you need to ask yourself is the reason you need the machine for. The laser engravers from manufacturers like can engrave and cut a lot of materials like engraving laminate, card, textiles, wood, and acrylic. Therefore, knowing what material you use is important. Once this is answered, you can decide which machine would best suit your needs.

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  • What Sort of Power Would Be Needed in the Engraver?

Is it really necessary for you to buy a machine, which has the highest possible wattage? No, it isn’t. The performance of the machine really depends on the optics quality. Therefore, the wattage performance of the engravers can easily vary across lot of manufacturers. Therefore, seeing the machines in action is also really important.

  • Why Is the Bed Size of the Machine Important?

The bed sizes of most of the laser engravers are from A3 to A1. It is obvious that the bigger the size of the bed, the more the jobs can be produced at a time. This also depends on the size of the material used with the laser. Therefore, you should think carefully about all your requirements and also remember that the size of the bed cannot be increased later without purchasing another laser engraver.

  • Is the Engraver Affordable?

A laser engraver is a really expensive purchase to make at once, but a lot of payment options that are affordable are available, which makes it easier for you to purchase this technology for the workshop. You can always get into a business partnership with some of them for mutual benefit.

  • What Are the Other Requirements for Proper Laser Engraving?

Once the machine has been successfully installed at your workshop, you should know how to use it properly. Therefore, your supplier should provide comprehensive training for the same.

Laser engraver is an important purchase as it has a ton of features. Therefore, putting your mind into purchasing the best one is really important.

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