Advanced Cybersecurity Techniques that Have Become the Need of The Hour


The internet landscape had always been an unpredictable domain with cyber bullies at every nook and corner. And the arrival of covid worsened the situation even more. Here’s how the pandemic made the web even more dangerous than it used to be. 

  1. Offline businesses that hadn’t had much online presence were forced to switch to the online domain in order to sustain and thrive. And just as vulnerable as any new user is, the arrival of so many unprotected or underprotected sectors created many new and more serious cyber vulnerabilities that hackers started exploiting. 
  2. Companies had to revamp their work models to the remote working culture due to covid. The systems that were earlier monitored by the security tools of the company were suddenly left unguarded.

All in all, hackers started finding easy targets that kickstarted the threatening trend of advanced phishing attacks like spear phishing, Pharming, and Social engineering. Hence, the requirement of advanced cybersecurity techniques – since hackers have modified their ways of stealing, it’s necessary that users of the web change their cyber hygiene habits too. 

Here are the 2 most advanced techniques that every organization should now adopt. 

1. Using the VPN for Remote Workers 

Every system in an office is protected by many tools to keep hackers out of all the networks. This practice, when missing, leaves the systems vulnerable. Whether present in the office or not, a system that is used to access a company’s data is still a part of the organization – if it gets hacked, the entire organization will be left vulnerable. Which is why focus on using VPN for remote workers.

VPN is a virtual private network. It’s actually a kind of safety tunnel where a system that wants to access the company’s data has to go through the eyes of screening and scanning tools. Only the systems that’ll be found clean will be granted access to use the company’s data.

2. Using MFA Technique for Password Protection 

A strong backdoor password, unique and exclusive, has always been a strong defense. But, with the remote work culture, added safety has become a necessity. Which is why MFA (multi-factor authentication) that was earlier used by highly sensitive organizations like banks only is coming into consideration. 

Cybersecurity experts vouch for this protection technique because of the following reasons. 

  • MFA uses multiple factors to grant system access in addition to the password. 
  • When the user clears all the factors (not just the password), only then the system can be accessed. 

So, to sum up, make sure you too switch to using these practices in order to reduce the risk of losing sensitive data to hackers. 

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