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Projectors are important devices crucial for office presentations, education and entertainment etc. To exploit all features and benefits of a projector optimally, there are certain projector accessories available in the market. These accessories can be used for all types of projectors such as the Home Theater Projector, Pico Projector, 4K Projector, LASER Projector, 3D Projector, Video Projector, LCD Projector, DLP Projector, Multimedia Projector, Handheld Projector, Pocket Projector, and Mini LED Projector.

Projection Screens

When one says, Projector & Accessories, the first thing that comes to mind is the projector screen. Some of the brands that sell projector screens are Inlight, Luzon Dzire, ELCOR, ELITE, NSAW, OEM and Screen Technics. The cheapest projection screens will be around two thousand rupees and the most expensive ones go up to 2 lakhs. Features to look out for while buying a projection screen include presence of Anti UV coating to protect eyes, low weight, and low maintenance

Projector Bags & Cases

Projectors are delicate devices and expensive pieces of technology. It is important to maintain and store them carefully. Projector bags & cases are a must buy if anyone owns a projector. Caiwei, Generic, CAMDEN-BOSS, FAVI Entertainment, Audio-Technica, Epson, and HoverCam are few manufacturers of projector bags & cases. Quality, sufficient storage space, comfort, double zipper design, padded handles, detachable/ adjustable shoulder strap and the presence of durable neoprene material are the important features every projector bag/case must have. Price range is from 2000 rupees to 10,000 rupees.

Projector Lamps

VelKro, Velveeta, Pureglare, ELECTRIFIED LAMPS, Mogobe, Sony, and Belkin are popular brands that sell projector lamps. The lowest price for a projector lamp is around thousand rupees and the highest price is around 1 lakh rupees. Projector lamps come with a large number of interesting options to choose from.

Projector Lenses

Some popular brands that sell projector lenses are VRbox, Dell, Banggood, BenQ, Acer,  Damark, and Docooler. Projector lenses should be maintained and installed carefully.

Projector Mounts

Projector mounts are useful tools that will help install a projector anywhere. Projector mounts should be of high quality and compatible with all kinds of projectors in the market. They should be very light. CNCT, Inlight, Generic, Screen Technics, Sonia, ELCOR and Alcoa Prime are reliable manufacturers of projector mounts

Projector Stands

Projector stands should have an aluminum body with white powder quoted finish. They should have the provision to lock in any position. It is favorable for a projector stand to hold maximum weight. A projector stand must be able to bear the weight of all projectors in the market.


Make the best use of a projector by buying essential accessories. Projector accessories are useful and smart investments. They must be purchased from authorized dealers and after going through good buying guides

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