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How to avoid the threat of webcam spying?

Webcam spying has come a long way. If you have been using any device that contains a camera, you need to be extra careful with it. Various reports have been made regarding spying through webcam. While webcam is an efficient thing sometimes it can be risky as well. It is for this reason you should be careful with it for it can lead to webcam hack.

You never know who is keeping a watch on you through these webcams. Several crazy exes or hackers may turn up to capture your personal detail and eventually harm you. Hacking webcams have become extremely easy and hence, anyone can have control over your data. You wouldn’t even know about it and suddenly, you are actor for somebody.

How do you know you are affected?

If you own a webcam, you will eventually become aware when someone is keeping an eye on you.

There’s a RAT

Random access Trojan can attack your computer at any point of time, thereby making it prone to hacking. If you got your system fixed by somebody while following instructions on call, it is very natural for you to provide them access to your computer. However, before providing the access you should be careful for you never know who has what intentions.

Apart from webcam spying, the threat of Trojan also increases with spam mails. You may receive spam mails asking you to log in but they can be extremely risky. The malicious software will look like a legitimate mail and that is where you get wrong.

As soon as the virus attacks your PC, it will become very easy for the stalker or hacker to keep a check on you. They will have complete control over your computer and camera. But, you might not even know if you’re being watched because hackers usually turn the system off.

Apart from the mails, RAT can also be bought online. Several schools have been using technology to keep a check on their students. While you may think that your fingerprint lock is enough, it is not.

You should be using an extremely strong password to keep yourself protected. Also, make sure to gather information regarding the functions of webcam when phone is off.

How to protect yourself?

If you think that camera can provide an insight into the personal life, you should stop using the camera or put a tape around it when not in use. Experts also suggest to keep the systems updated and to avoid all the spammy links on mail. Also, it is necessary to use camera only in presence of a secure connection.