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What Will The Houses Of The Future Be Like?

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The Internet of Things, home automation and all the amenities that architects can offer to convert homes into smart sites, give them an added value that adds to the comfort and luxury of the users.

The integration of the functions of a whole place makes this a reality. Home Entertainment System is completely automated already.

But, how would you like to know what are the projections of the future?

According to what different companies have checked on, we know a little more about how they will be:

Domotic Control

This is already a reality. The services that are used in the home such as air conditioning, lighting, security, blinds, audio, and video can now be integrated into a system to be controlled from the same place. In this way, its use can be managed much more easily.

From this year, we can see many more of this technology that is integrated into homes: smart kitchens, security systems, robots that become personal assistants, artificial intelligence and modular and intelligent furniture are some of the examples.

According to a forecast made by Panasonic, during a conference of smart cities, revealed that the kitchens of the future would have smart dining rooms, from which you can manage, using motion sensors, the television screen and from there, put the music that we like most, cinema or control the heating.

This is already a reality; you can control all these functions from the comfort of your kitchen or anywhere in your house.

Electronic Commerce

Panasonic also predicted that homes would have a smart locker to receive purchases made through electronic applications. In this way, the packages will maintain the ideal temperature and avoid undesirable returns.


Conserving the environment is a must. Therefore, the houses of the future will have everything necessary to achieve it.

One of the ways in which this can be achieved is by controlling the energy consumed there. Scheduling the lighting when dark or turning them off when dawn is a great way to start.

Magic Carpets

Intel has also made its forecasts. They have said that in the future there will be a magic carpet with sensors that will monitor the health of those who walk around. How? Through the patterns of the steps when walking. If there is an alarming change, such as a fall, the carpet would give notice to the help services. This would ensure immediate action in case of emergency.