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MySQL to PostgreSQL Database Migration

It is a known fact that PostgreSQL and MySQL are extremely popular RDBMSavailable under open source license. Both database management systems are supplied with a lot of administration and development frameworks and have wide communities of fans. At the same time PostgreSQL provides powerful features for corporate-scale databases missing in MySQL:

  • full compliance with the ANSI SQL standard
  • multiple concepts of indexing
  • both asynchronous and synchronous replication
  • asynchronous commit

Due to these advantages many organizationsmigrate their databases from MySQL to PostgreSQL. Basically, the process of database migration consists of the following steps:

  • Export MySQL table definitions, indexes and constraintsin form of SQL statements
  • Translate thesestatements into the destination format andimport them into PostgreSQL database
  • Export MySQL data into comma separated values (CSV) files
  • Modify the dataso it complies withPostgreSQL format and load it into the destination database
  • ExtractMySQL views, triggers and stored procedures in form ofCREATE-statements
  • Rewrite these statements according to PostgreSQL format and load to the target database

The steps specified above prove that database migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL is quite sophisticated process, it can take a lot of effortsifrunning manually. Moreover, the human factor may cause data loss or corruption. That’s why database professionals use special software for automating migrationand eliminating risk of errors.

MySQL to PostgreSQL converter is one of the most popular tools to run the migration process smooth and safe.It reads and writes the data directly, without middleware libraries or components in order to guaranty best performance of database migration. The produce is produced by Intelligent Converters, software vendor specializingin database conversion, migration and synchronization since 2001.

MySQL to PostgreSQLconverter works with all versions of Linux/Unix/Windows MySQL and PostgreSQL including forks and PaaS variations of DBMS such as MariaDB, Percona, Heroku. For scripting and schedulingpurposes the product provides command line support.Other capabilities ofMySQL to PostgreSQL converter:

  • merge or synchronize existing PostgreSQL database with MySQL data
  • rename and change type or attributes ofparticular columns orexcludethem from migration
  • filter data for migration using ‘Select’ statements
  • exportMySQL database into SQL script for those cases where PostgreSQL server doesn’t allow direct connection (thescript can be loadedto PostgreSQL using pgAdmin or psql standard tools later)

Visit the official site for more information about MySQL to PostgreSQL converter: