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Cloud Computing the Future of Technology

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With the invention of the first computers it has always been the idea to make them faster and to be able to store more information. The old days of several massive sized databases are over. Now with wi-fi technology moving us from the old hard drive standard to the new cloud computing standard. What is the definition of cloud computing and how does it work you may ask. 

The first thing to understand is that the information does indeed reside somewhere, it is not just hanging around in a wavelength you cannot see. The information is kept in and on various servers but lets you interact with this information via a mobile device or your computer that has access to the internet. 

There are many value points that come along with using the cloud for computing needs. The biggest one is storage even with the biggest hard drives today it is quite easily to fill them up, especially in a business setting. The cloud information is kept in various locations so the need for hundreds of hard drives to keep storing your information the third party keeps your information stores and secured. 

The biggest plus is that you can use the cloud for CRM (Customer Relationship Management) even if you have a small to medium sized business having access to a cloud based application saves you time and money. With an application that is cloud based you can even be working on a document and with permission other business partners can look at it real time and add to it. When these web integrated applications are used they are called a SaaS (Software as a Service). With these you do not have to worry about software upgrades, the cloud you are accessing this from takes care of that for you, the hardware problem is not on your shoulders either the vendor takes care of that as well. 

The future of cloud based enterprise is indeed a bright one. When you are working with a business partner that is half way around the world the concept of cloud-based application systems makes much more business sense than relying on older ways of communication and saving of precious data and ideas. With the cloud an internet connection is required and a simple login to whichever application or company that is serving your cloud-based information to you. 

With the Internet of All Things, a term used where all things are connected in your life from your smartphone, car, tv, and even your electrical components in your home. Therefore cloud-based technology is important to unclutter your business or personal life. The marriage of faster speeds with the ease of the cloud makes infrastructure in your business work for you not against you. 

The cloud works to save you money as you do not need a team of technicians to work on software, integration, and hardware. You can also expand as needed, which is a big thing for up and coming companies. The basic need for every growing data and protecting that data is why cloud based has and will be growing soon of technology.