Watch out for these mistakes in your Adwords campaign!


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Google Adwords is one of the most popular and most effective tools used for web marketing and search engine advertisement.  Unlike other marketing tools, this tool is not only known to provide users and web sites with long term customer engagement and acquisition but the best part about it is the permanency of results. In this post, The Marketing Folks has given you a guide about the most common mistakes which people end up making while running their Adwords Campaign. Be sure to not repeat these mistakes or else even you could end up making huge mistakes!

  1. Inadequately set Adwords campaign

This is the first mistake which most people end up doing. A poorly drafted Adwords campaign will not only lead you in some serious trouble but it will also lead to a long term wastage of your investments, time and of course, efforts. It is usually suggested to conduct a thorough research of the brand and the website which you are willing to promote by the means of your Adwords campaign. This will not only help you in concluding with great results at the end of your campaign, but it will also ensure efficiency in results.

  1. Wrong Audience Targeting

The first step before setting up any web marketing project is to conduct an exhaustive and in-depth analysis about your audience. It is indeed necessary to know vital details about the audience which you are willing to target. Audience targeting needs a focused approach. Before starting out on your Adwords campaign, we would suggest you pin down all the locations which you are willing to target. This will ensure that your campaign’s procedure runs smoothly and in the right direction.

  1. Location Targeting

Do you know which area or city has the highest demand for your products? Do you know which areas have the lowest saleability of your products? If not, you really need to conduct an in-depth analysis of the same. One of the most significant elements of any Adwords campaign is the presence of proper coordination and clarity about the location as well as audience sets which you are willing to target. By doing this, not only will you be assured about the direction of your campaign but this will also guarantee that you’ve spent your funds in the best possible way.

4 Running Search and Display Ads together

One huge mistake which marketers often end up doing is running Search and Display Ads at the same time. You really need to understand that Search and display are two entirely different facets of any Google Adwords campaign. Both of them need to be drafted separately and must not be correlated to each other. It is particularly essential for both of these mediums to have campaigns which run separately. There is no connection between how these channels run or respond. While search campaigns need a set of keywords which are more oriented towards finding your website, display runs on a set of keywords which the user might use for searching about the niche or industry your website belongs in.

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