How To Secure Your Instagram Account From Hackers


Each of us experiences getting hacked at least once in our lives. The internet opens up a lot of new potential for brand promotion but also increases the hazards. Thus, if you use Instagram for business, you must safeguard your account from hackers. Discovering that your Instagram account has been compromised might be terrifying, especially if your income depends on Instagram for lead generation and sales.

So, how can you prevent hacking of your Instagram account? We will be sharing some techniques to keep your account secure with you today, along with what to do if your Instagram account is compromised.

  1. Choose a strong password

People get interested in gaining more followers as more users register Instagram accounts and begin purchasing followers from websites like This is a trustworthy website, however, there are other websites too that offer followers too. There are many more websites from where you can make purchases and accomplish your objective. In the meantime, when you will be occupied among all these tasks then others could have taken advantage of the gap in time and further hacking and phishing attempts will be made.

While this makes it more difficult for hackers to access all of your information, choosing a different password for each of your accounts is also a good idea.

  1. Activate two-factor authentication

It was developed in the 2010 to improve the safety of your personal information on social media. You need to use two-factor authentication to secure your Instagram account and prevent hackers from accessing it. The additional degree of security provided by two-factor authentication helps thwart hackers. So, users must go through a number of steps and confirm their identification by entering a security code. In this method, you’ll be requested to input the code and verify it’s you if you log into Instagram from an unidentified device.

Go to your Settings and select “Two-Factor Authentication” to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram. You can choose between “Authentication App (recommended)” and “Text Message” when you tap “Get Started.”

You can utilize this option, which Instagram has also enabled, to stop your account from being hacked. Then you will receive unique codes to access your profile if you input your phone number. Without your mobile device, no one else will be able to log in.

  1. Ensure the security of your email account

You need to consider how many accounts, including Instagram, are connected to your email account. Anyone with access to one has access to all. In light of this, using email encryption or two-factor authentication to protect your email makes sense. These simple deterrents might do a lot to keep hackers away from your Instagram account.

  1. Steer clear of third-party applications

Signing into third-party apps like dating services, games, and picture editing programs is a normal practice while using your Instagram account as your approved login. You should also avoid doing certain things if you want to keep your Instagram account safe from hackers. So, avoid using any third-party Instagram apps that offer to assist you. Therefore, some of them promise to increase your followers and a number of likes, while others claim to show you what other users hide.

  1. Avoid storing passwords in apps and online browsers

You should also take a few more basic precautions to safeguard your Instagram account from hacking. You need to know that the majority of browsers and applications save your passwords. If they can utilize the same browser or app, someone who isn’t even a hacker can access your info. In the meantime, remember to check out Instagram before returning the device to avoid hacking!


Instagram is excellent at protecting your privacy and preventing account hacking. The only thing you need to do to secure your account is to apply the advices mentioned above.

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