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Top 5 Best Practices for Controlling Remote Employees During Lockdown

Now, control your virtual team as you are working On-site

Working remotely? Then this post is for you. Till now you have found out that working from home is the latest boom in the 20th century.

Despite this COVOD-19 pandemic, it has given a new way to keep companies running. Employees are also enjoying this new working style.

It has generated new opportunities for people. Now, it’s easy to find a job and work remotely.

But with new opportunities come new challenges. So, it comes with working from home? A major challenge while working remotely is managing your work or your team.

Well, now you can control them with ease by adapting these 5 strategies. What you need is remote management software, WorkExaminer a customizable employee monitoring tool. With this amazing tool, you can work like a pro and execute these 5 practices.

  1. Attendance records

You can keep the attendance record of your remote workers and promote punctuality in them. Beginning from their login to log-off from work you can monitor all their activity. Track how much time they spend on work, what programs they’ve worked on, and more. WorkExaminer makes it a lot easier to manage it.

  1. Productivity analysis

It is important to keep track of your employee productivity. WorkExaminer takes care of that for you. It analyses per day work and separates them automatically. You can view a complete analysis of your employee in a chart/tabular form. It calculates the exact data of productive working hours. This way you can manage your employee’s pay.

  1. Desktop video recording

This program can record complete desktop screen activity and send it to the employer. It gives you specific detail about employee activity. You can monitor sites visited, programs used, use of keyboard and mouse during working. It is an all-in-one tool to manage your remote team.

  1. Control of violations

WorkExaminer allows you to detect and record violations of the working schedule. With it, you can restrict your remote worker from using specific programs, visiting unnecessary sites, using unauthorized data, etc. This feature gives you the benefit of taking swift action and avoid possible threats.

  1. Remote access

An efficient team requires smooth interaction. With WorkExaminer You can access any employee screen remotely. You can give directions to your works to navigate the project properly.