Top 10 Time Management Activities to Increase Your Remote Team Productivity in 2020


Time management is essential to accomplish the job as per the deadline. If you are working from home, you should be extra vigilant and cautious to plan and execute the work as per the time. With two different types of time management activities, you can manage a busy schedule. With adequate time management, there will be relief from stress and better decision-making capability.

Time management activities 

There are offline and online time management activities to improve productivity:

  • Jigsaw puzzles – It is a fun activity where your group is divided into small teams. Ultimately, all the teams should work together to achieve the big picture. Each team’s contribution is essential in realizing the big picture.
  • Find the ace of Spades – The activity is intended to organize the day’s schedule and achieve higher productivity by prioritizing various tasks.
  • Circadian Rhythm – The activity will help find out the right time to perform specific tasks in the best possible way. It helps in scheduling the activities, and essential tasks are completed first.
  • Blind polygon – If your employees are working in new groups or projects, the activity will help in team-building. Even a poorly performing employee will show improvement with better analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Colored blocks – The number of blocks required is based on the number of people that play the game. It is an ideal activity to teach organizational skills, identify the priority tasks, and executing the plan.
  • Mayo Jar lesson – The activity explains the importance of time. It will help in identifying the urgent tasks first. You will have sufficient time to accomplish smaller tasks also.
  • $86,400 – It helps in changing the employee’s perception of time. By identifying the limited time available for work, prioritization and completion of tasks can be done efficiently.

Video games – The following video games can be used as online time management activities:

  • Overcooked – It is a game about the restaurant owner dealing with customers in stressful situations. The activity imparts team coordination, quick decision making, and overcoming time constraints.
  • Game dev story – The player of the game is the video game developer. It teaches leadership skills and business skills. The player has to hire developers, should develop a new game, and deal with critics also.
  • 12 labors of Hercules – The player plays the role of Greek God, Hercules. The game develops critical thinking, timing skills, and quick decision making.


With effective time management, there will be a great improvement in work/life balance. Employers can use software to avoid procrastination and to enhance productivity.

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