3 Ways to Recover Deleted Data on Android


Unintentional deletion of data has come to man from the first moments when the methods of storing information appeared. Perhaps you, too, have the memory of remembering how you transcribed a video cassette with your favorite movie or accidentally recorded on a cassette with your beloved songs by barking your kids. The way back did not exist. Today, when we use tablets and smartphones or memory cards installed in them, the situation is still somewhat more promising. But there is one golden rule: the earlier you start trying to recover the deleted data, the greater the chances you will get it back. How do I recover deleted data from Android? One of most important way to recover data is to reach experts at salvagedata

Let’s set up a model situation: you or some of your loved ones erased by mistake, for example, photos taken during the summer vacation. There are several ways to recover deleted data this time and we’ll introduce three of these in this article. Mostly, the recovery attempt should take a few minutes.

First Way: DiskDigger Photo Recovery

You can try the first way to recover deleted data directly from the device where you install the free DiskDigger Photo Recovery application. The whole process takes an estimated five minutes, with no need to have a root device (but if you grant the root right tools, you increase the chance that the recovery will be done). Free version can only restore photos, paid with root rights then can do much more.

2nd Way: Dr.Fone

Dr. Fone for Android works on smart phones and tablets where it can recover lost or deleted phone data. It works only on root-based devices and can restore data.

3rd Way: PiriformRecuva

From Piriform you will probably know Ccleaner, which is available not only for Windows but also for Android. In addition to this successful product cleaning system, the developer’s studio also offers other applications, for example, to defragment hard drives, extract information about the system and the hardware of the computer, and last but not least for data recovery.

The very last focus will be of interest to us. The Recuva tool offers both a free and a paid version; we do it for our purposes with a free option that is perfect for recovering files from a memory card.

Instead for Android data recovery, there are also the experts for iPhone data recovery available at salvagedata.

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