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Technology surely is one of the prominent methods that you can use for boosting up your business and providing it a wider platform to operate. One of the most common and well-trusted techniques that are used nowadays is the guest blogging. It surely highlights the awareness and plants the seeds of interest in the people. You will surely get to know about the various benefits of being a guest blogger once you get in this work. But it is known that not all of the famous technology websites allows the guest blogs. If you are thinking of starting as a guest blogger, we have some of the websites that might interest you. In this article, we have mentioned some of the top-most technology websites that not only allows the guest posts but also encourage and promote the writers.

Calling all Geeks

This is one of the top-most technology blogs and also allows the guest writers to share their posts. This website also provides you the opportunity to earn some extra money by sharing your best works here. You can also collect the revenue by the sharing this particular blog from the Google Adsense. This will help you to generate some extra pocket money with the posts that you write. Make sure that you are clear with all the rules initially and must follow them as well. The blog requires you to format your articles properly without any kind of affiliate links attached to it. For any kind of further information, you can read the guidelines before submitting the article.

The wonder of tech

This website provides the opportunity to all the new writers and gives them a platform to showcase their talents. This blog demands that the articles must be about the use of personal technology and must be mainly targeted for everyday people. You must also mail your article and topic ideas before you actually begin to write, this is to make sure that the topic you are choosing is completely suitable and can be written upon. The website can also provide you with some kind of sample article and blogs that can provide you the idea about how you can write that particular article. There are also a few guidelines provided that you can read before beginning to start the article.

99 Tech Post is the leading digital marketing and technology blog that offer the information about the digital marketing, technology, gadgets, internet, applications and software.  . It was founded in 2017.  We also help the newbie SEO expert and bloggers by providing the new update on digital marketing. Read guideline to write for us technology.


Tech patio

This website allows the guest writer to showcase their works on a regular basis. It is meant to provide people the information about different technological changes that were brought along the time. You are also provided with the opportunity to read all the previous articles in order to get a hint about the writing techniques and the topic ideas that you might use. It is must that the content you write must be unique and should exclusively be written for this website only. The website allows you to follow two do-follow links in your article precisely. It is also mandatory that you contact and take help from the support team in order to get the approval before submitting the article.

Dom’s Tech and computer blog

This website is somewhat strict about its rules and is meant to provide people with information regarding the basic technologies. The website has made it obvious that the articles must not be shorter than four hundred and fifty words. The website demands that the content must be unique and original and should not be posted on any of the other platforms. The website allows the writers to add a single link in the blog.

My Tech Ranker

My Tech ranker is the leading technology and digital marketing blog. Our aim is to provide the valuable information about the technology and digital marketing to our users. You can also submit the guest post on this blog. Technology Write for us

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