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5 Reasons To Go For Gold When It Comes To Creativity

 Innovation is one of the most important aspects of the business world. That’s easy to say right? The actual prospect of staying ahead of the game is a far more difficult task. Trying to be creative enough to make a significant difference to your business in comparison to competitors.

Well – we have a ray on sunshine for you.

Being creative may be immensely difficult. We know that. Unfortunately, we can’t do more then give you a few tips to help you be creative.

But what we can do is just give you a few of the benefits of why you really want to aim to be creative for the sake of your business. Being creative at work is more enjoyable for all employees. It lessens the stress of work and brings more fun and life into the workplace. Through this article we explain five of the biggest benefits creativity can have on your business:

Everyone On Earth Has A Problem That Needs To Be Solved

As of 2016 there was a global populace of over 7,442 billion. Regardless of whether these individuals were Caucasian, or of the darker skin. Regardless of whether they were male, female, or little green fellas.

They all share one thing in common.

They have a problem. Something that they are unable to solve for themselves, but something that you could potentially help with. Which is why you need to find a creative way to entice these individuals and build their trust. Show them exactly how you can be the business to solve the problem that they are facing.

Networking Is One Of The Hardest Aspects Of Running A Business

Here is a tip I can relate to first-hand. Building a client base from scratch. Setting up an email list. Developing desire in your service/product. Now, that is genuinely one of the hardest challenges that any start-up has to face.

Yet it is one of the most important.

The original strategy that you use to gain clients, develop leaps, and create desire for a product that you are selling makes all the difference in the long-run.

Which is why it is important to find a creative way to create brand-awareness. Connect with potential leads, and develop a strong funnel leading right down to that golden ticket.

Here is an example. Why not create your own flyers with brilliant copy to spotlight your business to bored drivers on a traffic-jammed freeway?

Find The Creative Edge To Diversify Your Business

Let’s face it. The business world is cutthroat. No one cares whether you have been around for years. Or if you are a start-up.

There thought pattern is a simple yes/no phase where they question the ability of your business to handle the solution to a problem that they are facing. If they come to the conclusion that you can’t. They move onto the competitor.

Did we mention that this could take a split second?

Which is why it is important to find a unique way to show off your strengths. You want to ensure when consumers look at your business, they are instilled, and enthralled by trust in the brand and product you are offering.

Which at the end of the day, you can’t be the same as every other jack and jill in your industry.

Creativity In Your Brand Will Improve Sales

Have you heard of the new coca cola ad? You know the drinkable billboard, free coke buzz that went around the world? Or even the previous one before that. If you think about it, Coca Cola has never done a marketing campaign that did not shock us at it’s ingenuity.

In the content world, we look at coca cola with awe.


Because the creativity the team uses from the idea behind it’s campaigns right down to the copy of the ads is what makes the company one of the biggest enterprises globally. They manage to inspire trust, awe, with simple yet effective ad campaigns that do the job.

Because no one else has done it before.

Which is just an example of why creativity is so important in your business. Here are four ways that businesses using creativity pivot their sales.

A Creative Workplace Inspires Confidence And Productivity

“Those who say they can change the world, and those who say that they cannot are often both correct.”

Creativity almost gives us the freedom to fail. Have you ever sat in front of a project for hours at

a time, wondering if it is good enough? I know Steve Jobs has, as well as Bill Gates. Heck, even I have been in that boat.

But if you work in a creative environment, with a free flow of original ideas and a productive vibe – your self-doubt with work will begin to dissipate. Maximizing your productivity. Some studies even report that a creative workplace leads to improved work quality and focus.

Want to know more about how creativity spawns productivity ?

Check out this link explaining all the ways you can improve your productivity in the workplace.