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There is no denial over the fact that technology has taken a giant sort of leap in the past few decades. The mobile phone devices are definitely the greatest invention of all. It seems to have brought everything under one roof and has made communication a lot easier and interesting. While there are countless technologies that are coming up each day, there is this one particular thing that has garnered widespread attention amongst one and all and that is telepresence through mobile device. There are plenty of modern mobile technologies but this one has definitely topped them all.

Telepresence through mobile device

Have you ever wanted to go to a particular place that is far too remote and unreachable at the present moment? Did you ever feel that it would be absolutely fantastic to make a query in person but had to refrain from it due to lack of time and inability to reach the place? Then there is nothing that is going to stop you hereafter as the Ubiatar Play has come out with this top-notch concept that provides one the ability to be instantly everywhere.

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Get the job done

Ubiatar is set to break all the boundaries and barriers and provides for complete exploration of freedom. It facilitates the ‘usar’ to hire a particular ‘avatar’ to do a particular task or visit a specific place to get the job done. One can check through various profiles that are provided for a specific job interest and choose over the profile that best matches the expectation. The avatar could be anybody, young, old, man; woman or anybody that best suits the description.

It provides one with the opportunity to explore and interact with one another. The avatar can either choose to perform the job or can decline. It is up to their discretion. It follows the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) method wherein one can get a token and have a direct connection with the capital market. It is a lot more convenient and interesting process than that of crowd funding and many other such conventional methods that businesses take up these days.

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