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The defense is an integral part of a country. Every country needs to secure its borders for national safety and to avoid any nuisance. In most countries, the defense sector is under the government’s control, but in some countries, even this crucial sector is privatized. Public companies that operate in this industry are heavily regulated by government guidelines and they have to strictly follow the rules. As safety is a concern for every citizen due to the unfortunate increase in the rate of crimes, some weapons that are deemed to be safe for usage in case self-defense are sold in the market. 

Investing in such companies contributes a great deal towards developing advanced defense weapons and mechanisms that can further add to the level of security and safety when used properly. This sector might not be the most profitable but may be able to give steady returns. Investing in defense systems is recommended for people who look for steady growth and are income-oriented. Defense stocks don’t necessarily double in price in a short amount of time, they are meant for long term investing. 

The Defence sector produces weapons of all kinds that can be used by police departments as well as the Army. The Army requires heavy-duty weapons, while police departments can do with small to medium range devices. Axon Enterprise Inc. develops, manufactures, and sells conducted energy weapons, also known as CEWs, worldwide. The company is known for the tasers it produces. Axon Enterprise Inc. operates in two segments; TASERS and Software and Sensors. This company is listed on Nasdaq with the symbol ‘AAXN.’

Axon (NASDAQ: AAXN at has a variety of products, like TASER X26P, TASER X2, TASER 7, TASER Pulse, and Bolt CEWs. It also offers body cameras for officers and in-car video systems. The company has Axon Evidence connected software network, Axon Records cloud-based records management system, Axon Signal enabled devices, along with Axon docks, cartridges, and batteries. In addition to the above, it has which is a cloud-based evidence management system. It provides hardware and software solutions that further help in law enforcement to capture, store, manage, share, and analyze video and other digital evidence. Overall, Axon provides security and safety solutions for every aspect, on a micro-level. 

This company was formerly known as TASER International but changed to Axon Enterprise Inc. in April 2017. It was founded in 1993, in Scottsdale, Arizona. Analysts have given a consensus rating of ‘Buy’ to NASDAQ: AAXN stock in day trade. The stock price has risen by 52.11%, from $60.47 to $92.11, despite the pandemic. Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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