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Kik is a popular mobile messaging app that presents a fun way to keep in touch with your friends. This app is fully compatible with Android and iPhone based smartphones. Kik is free of cost application that offers several new and exciting functions that make it more useful than other prevalent chat applications.

About Kik

Kik is a stylish, cross-platform application that allows instant messaging to your friends on your smartphone. You can chat with individual contacts and groups. To connect and communicate with a user, their username is required. Its additional exciting features and enticing look create interest in users to explore and use it.

For communication with people, you would require the Wi-Fi connection or the data plan of your smartphone.

Functions of Kik application

There are several features that make Kik application outperform other chat messenger applications.

  • One to one or group based chatting
  • Provision to send and receive text messages and multimedia such as videos, images, gifs, etc.
  • Group chat functionality with up to forty-nine users
  • Promoted chats feature allow users to chat with people in different brands in entertainment, music and more.
  • Facility to chat with an anonymous Kik user
  • Ability to access internal apps that encourage users to utilize them while remaining within the Kik application itself. Some of the internal apps are stickers, games, meme generators, and dating style.
  • Other features include live typing, notifications, an invitation to friends, Kik code scanning, multimedia message sending, profile integration, conversation lists, chat customization, group chats, promoted chats, strict privacy rules,

Who is eligible to use this application?

Like any social networking group, there is a restriction on people to be able to use Kik chat application. A person has to be least thirteen years of age to register for this chat application. This age restriction prevents any unethical use of the application.

With whom can you chat on this app?

Kik chat messenger provides an opportunity to users to connect with Kik users who are in their phone book. Communication with the person happens on the basis of username. So, the person whom you want to chat has to have their identity registered on the application in the form of “username.” To add and chat with someone on Kik, you need to know their username.

How to minimize risks associated with chatting?

To minimize communication from strangers or people with whom you don’t like to talk, it is advised not to share your username with them. Also, one should choose a difficult username so that it is hard for others to guess

How to begin using Kik?

To download this amazing chat messenger, you need to choose the right play store. People with Android based phones should visit Google Play store and people with Windows phones should visit Windows Phone Marketplace. KikOnline.Tips is an excellent place to start using this application for free. It provides the best technical assistance to ensure its fast, secure and easy use.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can install it on your device in easy steps. To begin using it, you need to create an account on this app by providing your basic information such as name, a username, birthdate, and a password. Once you do this, the final step is to upload your profile picture. This step is optional. It lets people recognize you easily.

Kik is the best chat messenger application available today. With this application, you can easily and safely send as well as receive an unlimited number of messages to people, who have a Kik account.

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