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How to Save Your Bandwidth and Watch Your Favorite YouTube Videos Anytime

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Everyone has their own favorite videos. They can be music videos, movies, cartoons etc. When it comes to watching videos, YouTube is the primary source and in order to watch your favorites many times, you spend a lot of bandwidth and money.

Most of the time spending bandwidth is inevitable as there is no build in option to download YouTube videos. So having a good video downloader will not only save your bandwidth, but it will also give access to your favorite videos whenever you want.  

In case you are looking for a YouTube ripper that lets you download YouTube videos easily you have come to the right place.

App specifications

It’s called the Airy YouTube video downloader. It’s one of the best video downloaders that one can come across. It has varying resolutions for MP4 formats from 144 pixels up to 1080 pixels. It also gives the user the ability to download 3GP videos and it has resolution range from 144p-240p.

Greatest feature in it

The best thing about this video downloader is that it offers an audio extraction option which you can use to extract the audio files from a video. So if you come across a video with a mesmerizing song but a lousy video, by using this software you will be able to extract the audio from it.

Can you integrate it into your web browser?

Yes you can. The Airy video downloader also has an option for people who like to have the downloader integrated to their browser. Once it’s integrated all you have to do is, open its page and click the Airy bookmark in the browser. When this is done the link will be added into the app and download will begin shortly.