Ways to Reduce Your CPC


In the current digital advertising era, the companies that opt for pay per click advertising are focusing on reducing the cost per click. The main reason behind this is quite simple. If a company is paying a lesser amount for a click, then its CPC (cost per click) shall also be low.

Though this seems simple but it is not that easy! There are numerous factors which contribute to the cost per click. Do you know how the CPC is calculated by PPC Agency London? Well, it is calculated with the help of following formula: Ad Rank = Bid x Quality Score.

Let’s assess these factors and understand the ways to reduce your CPC:

  • Lower your Bids – This is the most effective method to reduce CPC. By reducing your bid amount, you can give a lower Max CPC to the Google for every single click that your campaign receives. But make sure that this process should not convert into lower volume. If you have attained the success in lowering your CPC, then you must keep a check on your ROI. By this you will not face any loss. This is important to keep a watch that you ROI don’t drop beyond a limit.
  • Relevancy – Make sure you pay attention to this factor. Though you must have been tired of listening to this point, but it is very important. Having a higher ad relevance can contribute immensely to the good quality score. Try the below mentioned tips given by PPC Agency London to improve your relevance factor:
    • You should keep only one or two major keywords which you wish to target
    • Ensure that your landing page have the exact details which your ad promised to your prospective customers
    • Make sure you have developed closed themed groups of ads
    • You must divert the customer or visitor to the relevant page, even if you not created any new landing page in context to the ad apart from the home page.
  • Negative Keywords – it is very important to understand the tactics to create negative keywords; if you have achieved this art you can successfully reduce you CPC You can understand this with an example. If you wish to post an ad for furniture for residential building, then in the negative keywords you must write furniture for commercial building. By doing this you will be able to get click even when people are searching for furniture items giving a boost to your CPC rates. Effectively managing your negative keywords can substantially lower the rates of your CPC charges.
  • Ad Scheduling – Ad scheduling has been one of the best features of the PPC Agency London. It can effectively save your ad budget to a higher level. Confused how you can use it? Well, you can use it for specifying the days and dates and also the number of times; you want to run the ad.

These were some simple tips to reduce you CPC rates. Hope it will help you!

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