Negotiation Mistakes That People Commit When Buying A TV


Purchasing a TV might be one of the biggest financial investments you will ever make. The shopping procedure can take several months. If you really want to get the best price on TVs, set aside some time to separate your emotions from the buying decision and set a realistic budget. Deciding exactly what you want and setting your own price for your vehicle can help you narrow down the search and avoid some common TV-buying mistakes.

Shopping at the wrong time of year

Dealerships frequently get new stock toward the start of the year and start at ground zero with their sales goals at this time. This implies the TV merchant might be less likely to negotiate a better price or provide you with any type of purchasing incentives. For example, some Sony models may have some price differences throughout the year which you need to closely follow. If you are in the market looking for a new TV, salesmen will recommend shopping in the late summer or early fall. You might have the capacity to get an incredible price on last year’s model as next year’s models start to roll in. additionally, it is a good idea to time your visit closer to the end of the day when the sales teams are trying to close deals before they take off for the night

Believing the deal is only perfect for the day of visit

Another sales strategy to urge you to settle on a choice on the spot is to entice you with an amazing offer that is only good for the day of your visit. Regardless of whether or not you have effectively negotiated a great price for that new TV, insist on shopping around so you can take the time to settle on your ultimate choice or make your own particular offer. High-pressure sales tactics can push you to settle on a buying choice you are not prepared to make and prevent you from exploring other options. If the dealer is interested in making the sale, he or she will not hesitate to agree to your offer. If not, you are not under pressure to consent to theirs. It is also prudent to take a note of the sales manager’s contact information if you want to return another day.

Only visiting one retailer

While numerous dealerships may bait you in with fantastic opening specials and test-drive incentives, it pays to shop around. Take the time to visit at least three other dealerships before making a purchase decision. Shopping around will give you a chance to ask lots of questions, take pictures and compare several TV sets. As a matter of fact, you can check with Micromax to see the different deals they are offering for various TV brands. We recommend getting quotes from multiple dealers and letting them know that you are just shopping around. This is because the dealer may be more likely to extend a better deal and negotiate.


It is imperative not the common mistakes that people make when negotiating for a new TV. Moreover, you may want to evaluate the mistakes and avoid them completely. They may turn out to be major hindrances to your intention to acquire a new television set. The more you understand the common negotiation mistakes, it will be a beginning to making better purchase decisions.

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