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How Influencer Marketing Is Changing the Game

Buzzwords like authentic, genuine, and organic are a given in all current marketing dialogue. Big promises and unrealistic expectations just won’t bait consumers like they used to. As companies seek highly effective content marketing strategies to increase sales, influencer marketing is consistently coming out on top. Establishing personal rapport with industry influencers speaking out on a company’s behalf is nothing new! It is indeed a tried and true strategy, but why is it growing by leaps and bounds?

Of all types of inbound marketing, influencer marketing is quickly becoming not just an option, but the go-to approach for businesses that wish to stay relevant. cites that in 2017, 81% of U.S. Americans were on social media. It’s hard to find another type of inbound marketing that can compete with that! Industry influencers hold the keys to success previously found elusive.

Laser Focus

One of the most important (and complicated) factors to consider when sifting through marketing ideas to increase sales is efficient, effective targeting. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, consumers’ interests and preferences are on full display. Likewise, they flock to influencers who share the same passions. Influencer marketing is a surefire way to hone in on desired target markets or niches without having to look very far.

Focused on the correct audience, organic growth will happen at a rapid rate. Industry influencers have power at their fingertips to quickly infiltrate your niche in a way that’s genuine and relevant to consumers.

Personal Rapport

People trust other people. Seeing an ad for a product or business won’t have near the impact that hearing a person one knows, likes, and trusts vouching for it will. Consumers who follow influencers on social media don’t feel like they’re being targeted, marketed, or pitched. Influencer marketing creates a unique space in which word of mouth marketing and friendly referrals are on steroids! Hundreds of thousands of people in a specified niche market can receive an impression of a brand and take action instantaneously.

On the other side of the same coin, a business is able to communicate effectively with influencers for valuable feedback straight from the source. Knowing how the influencer himself is using the product or service and hearing the feedback the followers are relating to him is a massive advantage to a company hoping to meet consumers’ needs.

Casting a Wide Net

Influencer marketing is advantageous in that more often than not, influencers reach across many different channels of social media, creating a wider scope of influence. Similarly, they’re connecting with a massive audience as they’re producing content via blogs, videos, stories, and photographs. Various content marketing strategies are potentially being hit by one social influencer, resulting in increased visibility and big returns for a company.

This conveniently takes much guesswork out of advertising for businesses. Industry influencers have built a following based on methods that work. People are listening to what they are saying, and if they’re talking about your company, consider the cat out of the bag. Consumers’ curiosity, as well as their desire to keep up with trends in your industry, will entice them, and you should be ready.

Influencer marketing is beneficial to everyone involved. The influencer is taking advantage of a top-notch product or service (yours) and is making a living sharing something they stand behind. Consumers are happy to receive a personal recommendation with real feedback and answers. Companies have a reliable go-between that can offer valuable observations and reactions. Authenticity here is key! If the industry influencer isn’t a good fit or suitable representative for the brand, consumers will spot it from a mile away.

About the Author:

Karun Verma is a Digital Marketing expert. He holds a MBA in Marketing and specializes in analyzing the trends of social media. His research spans across more than a decade in the ever-changing field.