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Mobile Mob – One Stop Shop For Charger Cables

Are you looking for charger cables? Sometimes, these items are the most overlooked when it comes to maintenance. Most smart phone users will just take for granted their charger cables like they assume that they will never fail them. There are even times when after charging, they will just be left hanging from the outlet. Thus they are the first ones to go most of the time! If you are using a smart phone, whatever brand that might be like if you have a Samsung or maybe an Apple brand, you should take care of your cable chargers as once they start showing defects, it will be hard to use them unless you will buy a new one.

One Stop Shop

But in case you really need to get a new charger because what you are using right now is kind of slow in charging, you can get almost all types of cable chargers from Mobile Mob. You can consider them a one-stop shop when it comes to cable chargers or tech accessories for that matter. You can even buy micro USB cable from them.

Brands they cater:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Asus
  • Motorola
  • Sony

Charger cables for tablets

Aside from mobile phones, they also have usb charger cables for ipads and tablets. You can buy 1.5M and 3M Micro usb charger. There is no need to endure defective chargers that can take hours before they can fully charge your gadgets. To think that time is of the essence these days.

They are compatible with other gadgets as well

Most jacks of the same brands are just the same. Thus if you are buying one for your Samsung smart phone, you can already use that for your tablet and even for power banks with the same sized jacks. Same thing goes with Apple gadgets, you can just get one charger cable and you can already use that for your ipad as well and maybe some kinds of power bank. But then again if you have the means, you don’t really need to get just one for your gadgets, you can easily get one for each. After all, these things are just affordable.

Get a discounted rate

Do you know that Mob Mobile provides discounts if you buy wholesale, by bulk or corporate orders? That is right thus if you have your own business like maybe you are selling gadgets in your area or you have an online shop, you can benefit with their discounted items. Actually, they still have a number of great products like straps for Apple watches, for Samsung and still a lot more. They can even be your permanent supplier at that for tech accessories.

With the advent of online shopping, setting up an online business is as easy as abc. And with Mob Mobile as your supplier, everything will just be easy indeed. You can surely start a livelihood with their affordable tech accessories. So, check them out now!