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How to Increase your Likes on Facebook?

If you are looking out for ways to grow your Facebook page and get likes for your Facebook photos and posts, then keep reading. Below here are some the best and easiest ways to help you get more and more Facebook likes for your photos.

  1. Post proven content: Find images which are related to your niche and post only that content which is linked to your business.
  2. Keep your About Section complete: Put keywords which people may search for.
  3. Make use of Facebook Insights to see what kind of posts your audiences prefer and keep posting more and more of them.
  4. Share recent updates: Your fans would want you to share important news with their friends. So, any recent update will gain immediate attention.
  5. Embed a Facebook like box on your blog or website too.
  6. Tag another business page on your post and get the favor returned.
  7. Post continuously: The more frequently on you post, the most opportunities you will get to grow your page.
  8. Host a contest or event at a particular time every week or month. Such fan pages get more engagements and shares.
  9. Make sure you only post original content. Share your thoughts, tips and do not just re-share other’s content.
  10. Share your Facebook page with your Instagram and Twitter followers too.
  11. Engage in competitions to acquire more visibility as everyone likes to win one.
  12. Cross promote your business in a complementary niche.
  13. Mention your Facebook discussion on your blog to encourage your site visitors to visit your Facebook too and like your page.
  14. Encourage your email contact list to like your page
  15. Offer discounts and coupons to everyone.
  16. Provide a call to action at the end of your Facebook posts for easier contact.
  17. Ask your Facebook fans to post pictures and it will show on their friend’s feed.
  18. Make sure you interact with your fans and followers. Answer their queries and complains and listen to their feedback.
  19. Use watermark on your photos.
  20. Organize a photo contest. Ask your fans to upload photos to your page and ask their friends to vote for their pictures.
  21. Be human. Allow your personality to shine so that the people can see the real person behind the company or brand. People want to connect with other people and not something or someone faceless
  22. Post content which is not 100% promotional. Most of your content should be informational, inspiring, entertaining and of use. Such content is liked by fans and is more likely to get shared.
  23. Use appealing profile image and cover photos. It increases the chance of passerbys to like your page.
  24. Link your Facebook page to LinkedIn account
  25. Tag your Facebook page on your personal posts.

With these tips, you will gain Facebook photo likes fast. Make sure your photos are original and not copied. You can also buy Facebook photo likes fast to boost your exposure and originality amongst your followers.