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The best SEO tools must have speed, effectiveness in addition to being cost saving .SEO tools helps in meeting the tough demands of the competitive online world. A Good SEO tool must be able to identify relevant and effective keywords, must provide quality and reliable link building, offer continuous and consistent optimization in relation to the competition .They are many SEO tools which has successfully contributed to the online business among which a few popular tools are discussed below (the list is only inclusive of the many SEO tools like SE Ranking SEO Software available).

  • Google keyword planner:  It can help you plan your keyword strategy by showing what exactly the target customer searches for.  It will return helpful historical stats like monthly /seasonal keyword search volume and competitors on page strategies etc. It evaluates a particular key word and provides an estimation of the number of searches it attracts. The keyword ranking tool also suggests relevant new terms and phrases (key word ideas) which we might not have considered earlier.

  • SEO power suite: As the name suggests, it is a power package of four SEO software. They are rank tracker (provides keyword suggestion and tracks website rankings among the top 3 search engines, SEO spyglass (spies and researches on competitors website), Link assistant (ensures quality link building and researches on competitive links) and the website auditor (gives an insight of the key metrics of a website). It also produces customized reports .It is very user friendly tool, hence very popular.
  • Ahrefs: It is a tool meant for market research and analysis. It has got tools for keyword research, content research and link building. Its keyword explorer tool gives both local and global keyword search volume and looks for keywords used by the competitors. Its content explorer can search popular content for any topic or keyword. It shows what content in your niche has the tendency to attract back links and social shares. The back link analysis tool finds out the source of the competitors back links and helps in reversing their link building. This tool basically increases the websites traffic by monitoring and analyzing our niche in comparison to the competitors.
  • Seobility: It is an SEO auditing tool which checks the overall health of the websites existing SEO strategy. Its main tools are SEO check (testing the optimization of a website on whole and offering suggestions), keyword check (shows the present optimization level of your target keyword), SEOcompare (side by side comparison of two webpages for a particular keyword) and ranking tools (does rank checking of a page for any keyword).
  • Ubersuggest: It is a free keyword suggestion tool that allows brainstorming of relevant keyword ideas for your niche market, quickly and easily. It mainly uses google suggests. It works by adding a letter or digit to your search term and scrapping search results. Keywords being fundamental part of SEO, these tool helps increase the traffic by building relevant content weaved around such keywords.
  • MOZ: MOZ is a leading and popular SEO tool for measuring, monitoring and analyzing a websites onsite and offsite SEO aspects on a continuous basis. The SEO toolset consists of keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization insights. With the help of these tools it does regular site analysis, SEOmanagement, rank tracking, social media management and web crawling. MOZ analytics is one of the SEO reporting tools to generate analytical reports based on its research.


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