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Becoming A Social Media Mogul And More Popular


Social media is a large presence in our lives these days. A normal person spends over 5 hours a day every day browsing through the various social media websites and apps, most of which is spent looking through other people’s feeds. These people or influencers in our lives control a large part of the day and our activity. Artists, musicians, dancers and in general, all those who in some way or the other drive our need to go online have spent a lot of time and effort in becoming what they are. Here’s a few tips and tricks to be one.

Gaining the following as an individual

Individuals, posting pictures or even text can also lead to a large number of followers. But why, in the first place would individuals want to increase their followers and likes? The answer is simple- companies pay a lot of money to these influencers who can drive people’s decisions for certain products or services. People who post reviews or indicate their preferences to certain products get paid heavily by the companies. And therefore, there is a need to increase your followers.

The first way to gain more followers is to post meaningful content which is liked by everyone. Initially, you can build your follower base gradually and organically. In some cases, people also decide to buy Instagram likes cheap. However, this may not be a fruitful solution and is, in fact, a means to cheat the company paying for the likes you receive. Another way is to constantly post things that can relate to more people and increase your target audience instead of targeting a set of people.

Gaining the following as a business

Businesses have a constant need to expand – to newer markets, newer audiences and newer products. With the advent of these social media websites, small and medium businesses have actually got a portal wherein they can showcase their products to a much larger audience which was otherwise not available to them earlier. So much so, that there has been a multifold increase in the number of small businesses worldwide post the increasing use of Instagram and Facebook as sales portals. With minimal or no investment, even one person businesses are flourishing.

In order to gain this following, it is important to first see who your current target audience is. Is it limited to a very small segment or can it cater to a bigger one? Depending upon your answer to this question and for multiple others, you can actually target the same audience over a bigger group in different markets. Also, you don’t always have to talk about your business on your social media pages. You can talk to your potential customers about things that interest them in real life and link it to your business without it being too much ‘in your face’. The idea is to be subtle about your business and keep yourself in the minds of the customers always. Also, paying Instagram influencers may also be a good idea to get more followers.