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The journey of the audio industry is motivational. Fresher methods of consuming music have always resulted from technological innovation.

With the introduction of the Walkman, individualised audio consumption became more widespread. Together with other useful devices, MP3 players and iPods gave the fad a new boost by encouraging individuals to plug in their headphones and enjoy their favourite music.

The Use of Audio Platforms Has Become More Common, All Thanks to Technology

A technical revolution that integrates the Internet, personal computers, and digital media have been sparked by the influence of digital media, enabling people to maximise knowledge and enjoyment to a degree we never imagined was possible.

Changing Versions Of The Audio Industry

Audio content is the newest big thing. Podcasts have introduced audio into the digital sphere because of its popularity. Audio content is the newest big thing. Podcasts introduced audio into the digital era because they are so simple to make, distribute, and listen to whenever you want. Audio streaming websites have made multitasking feasible, making them the ideal companion. Today’s population wants to read, but they need more time.

Audio Podcasts Are Gaining Popularity!

Larger audiences, better measurement, and easier access have changed the economics of news podcasting. This encourages platforms to invest in better monetisation and distribution, which in turn encourages publishers to invest in creating more high-quality content.

Even if it might be too soon to say whether the popularity of podcasts constitutes a new trend, the speakers think there are still a lot of unexplored areas to be explored.

With ET Play, Get Access To audio news in English India

We frequently need more time because our daily lives are so rushed. The most intriguing news articles can be chosen and read by listeners of news podcasts.

The fact that ET Play offers English audio news podcasts with informative commentary sets it apart from the other competitive competitors in this sector.

The ET Play English-language audio news podcasts, are like setting aside time to research world events carefully.

The Economic Times journalists connect with reporters and business leaders to give listeners a thorough grasp of the significant happenings in India and worldwide. From the erratic cryptocurrency market to conflict between corporations, startup hopes, and political disagreements with our neighbours. Dalal Street, the street ET Play covers, leads to North Block.


With ET Play, your one-stop audio resource, you can make sense of the most important stories from the past week in business, economics, politics, markets, startups, and more.

Want to hear interesting news updates and in-depth analysis and remain current on events, news, and market trends in India? Access the brand-new audio platform in India for business news and other audio content.

To hear captivating news updates and in-depth assessments of current affairs, visit ET Play.



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