How And Why To Use Surveillance Cameras For Office Security?


Have you ever given a thought as to why so many companies, despite having security cameras to their aid, get easily hacked? It makes one question the importance and use of a security camera when it comes to cybercrime. But, despite what you may assume, security cameras are indeed the best means of obtaining cybersecurity. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be hacked. If only you use security cameras correctly that they will repel hacking and will safeguard the company’s internal security system from unethical hackers and outdoor premises for thieves and burglars.

8 Correct Ways To Use Security Cameras Against Hacking

To begin with, the most popular indoor security cameras are:

  • PTZ cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Wired IP cameras
  • 360° rotation cameras

And the most popular outdoor cameras that can also be used to guard the indoor premises include the following.

  • Night vision cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • Wireless IP cameras
  • Infrared cameras

Moving on, the 8 ways to ensure that security cameras actually protect your internal security system from hackers rather than getting hacked are given below.

  1. Change the backdoor password and limit its authentication power. The password you choose should ideally be more than 20 characters long (small and capital letters, numbers, and symbols)
  2. Hire professionals to run scans on the network system, routers, and software. It is the only sure shot way to find out if the software, cloud, any app, or the network is bugged
  3. Use the security of a firewall and keep updating the firmware. Whilst firewall will strongly retaliate to keep hackers out, timely firmware updating will keep the software free of bugs
  4. Do not open suspicious emails flagged by the antivirus security tools. Such emails could be the hosts carrying malware and viruses
  5. You can follow the path of running bounty programs for ethical hackers to be rewarded if they can find out bugs in your software and eliminate them
  6. Use licensed software by legit companies only. Pirated software is obsolete and errored with bugs. In other words, they themselves can be the host carrying hidden viruses
  7. Do not ever pair any device to the dvr without checking it for viruses. Also, keep the number of devices to as less as you can. Precisely, attach only very essential devices to the dvr
  8. Last, it is recommended to keep the wifi access password secured. And the password should be strong. You can take tips from popular cyber safety blogs by hikvision to make passwords. Remember, a protected wifi password reduces the risk of router hacking

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